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Monday, January 13, 2014

Could 'Man of Steel 2' & 'Justice League' Be Filmed Back-To-Back?

Courtesy: DC Comics

This is most certainly the whooooa moment of the week and it's only Monday. Latino Review which has delivered some solid info on the Man of Steel sequel, hears that the DC project The Rock is working on, is The Justice League. Here's the catch, it's happening this year. But how could that be? -- their insiders seem to think it's because Man of Steel 2 and the Justice League will be filmed back-to-back. Latino Review highlights the reasons why that would make sense and more in their post, so make sure to read the scoop. News definitely coming in fast, as we get closer to the start of filming on Batman vs. Superman. Can't wait Man of Steel!


  1. Wow! That would be great!

    I think that pic is from the commercial. Anyways, I giggled like a teenager when I saw the commercial which had my husband looking at me oddly ;)

  2. Warner Bros have filed with the Michigan State authorities a proposed budget of $135 million for filming in their state. Even allowing for the cost of filming at other locations, this sounds (to me) like a one-film , not a two-film, budget

    1. $135 mill is just the MI portion of the filming doesnt include out of state or FX budget seams high for one film very high.

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