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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Win Or Lose, Why The Critics' Choice Nod Is A Big Boost For Henry

When you think about the key emotional moments in Man of Steel, it's pretty clear why Henry is nominated for a Critics' Choice award. Win or lose tomorrow, his nomination for 'Best Actor in an Action Movie' is no doubt a big boost for Henry's career and a well deserved one. So what makes the Critics' Choice nod such a big deal? Studio System News can tell you. Today organizers released the list of nominees expected to attend the awards show and Henry's name is not on it. When we reached out to his reps on Friday, we were told Henry probably wouldn't be able to make it because of his Man of Steel sequel work commitments. We'll let you know if we get an update. BBC Jersey's Kevin Pamplin confirmed the news. Either way, make sure to tune in to the CW tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST to cheer for Henry!


  1. "Man of Steel" was a movie for the entire family. It lifted my spirit and continues to do so. I am 66 years of age and have seen many films in my lifetime. "Man of Steel" is one of the very best films made in the past several years! Thanks go out to Mr. Cavill for an excellent interpretation of the Kal-El character, and also to Warner Brothers for bringing this character to the screen in a fresh new inspiring way.

  2. I thought for sure he would be in attendance. He went to so many events last year.

    It was a great movie - went with my son who along with me is a huge Superman fan & my husband who is not a fan. For my son & I the time flew by but not so for my husband. He really should have stayed at home. :))

  3. AWW I was looking forward to seeing him. He hasn't been on TV for a while now. I will definitely watch the show and hope that he wins. My fingers are crossed.

  4. oh, man. i was looking forward to seeing him :(

    i hope he wins! :)


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