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Friday, January 10, 2014

Yorkville, It's Not Just Detroit That Needs To Be On The Lookout

As cameras get ready to roll on Man of Steel 2 in Detroit, people in Yorkville, Illinois are wondering when Superman will return home. The latest comes from vfpnews.com, that got an update from county officials:  

Angela Zubko, senior planner for the Kendall County Planning, Zoning, and Building Department, said a special events permit for the site was issued to Crown City Pictures Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Bros., through February, for filming of a movie with the working title “Milo and Sage.”
“Man of Steel” had the working title “Autumn Frost.”

“I have been driving by the house every weekend to see if the filming equipment has arrived,” said Superfan Gregory Zosnius. He also helped form the committee responsible for Smallville Superfest and its affiliated museum in Plano. “They are almost done building the house, so I think February sounds like a good bet.”

The house of course refers to the Kent farm. It's being built at the same location used for Man of Steel. Our local reporter Lauren checked on the construction a few weeks ago and there was still some work to be done. Filming is also expected to take place in a nearby cemetery

So Yorkville, it sounds to us like Clark Kent may be paying you a visit within about a month or so. If you hear or see anything, let us know at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. We'd love to pass on your reports and pics, as Henry returns to film in Illinois.

For those keeping track of the musical chairs of rumors involving the Man of Steel sequel, the latest one involves Henry's favorite villain Doomsday. Read the scoop at Batman-news.com. Have a great weekend everyone.

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