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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Pic: The Proud Puppy Parents In Arkansas

Photo: Dre_Slay via

We're on hot pic overload mode and we love it. You can thank Henry for being so gracious everywhere he goes. This is a new picture from his stop in Little Rock, Arkansas earlier this week (see the photos from that day and read the sweet fan account). Henry & Gina were in Arkansas to pick up their new puppy reportedly named Kal-El and the photo of them posing with the cuddly Akita is the cutest. We wish them the best with their new furry baby.. can you tell we LOVE dogs? Congratulations you guys!


  1. Akita's are my favorite dogs too! :)

  2. Love these two together!

  3. What has Henry been up to? Has anyone seen him? Is he still in Salt Lake City training?

  4. How is the new puppy? Any pictures yet?

    1. Yes, you can find the pics of Henry and Gina with their puppy a few posts behind this one. Very cute!


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