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Friday, January 17, 2014

Batman vs. Superman: 'The Powers That Be' Gathering In Detroit

When we saw this tweet hit our timeline, we couldn't be more excited. Photographer Clay Enos is the talent behind most of the amazing stills and pictures you saw in Man of Steel. Oh and yeah, by the way.. he also documented Henry's gym transformation for the Soldier of Steel campaign. So seeing that picture at the "house gym" in Pontiac (home of the Michigan Motion Picture Studios), can only mean one thing: Clay is back to shoot the sequel and its handsome leading man.

But if you need more proof, here you go. It's a picture of Clay and Larry Fong, who just happens to be director of photography for Batman vs. Superman. It was posted by Fong, who has also been tweeting a few teases here and there as cameras get ready to roll on the Man of Steel sequel.

Proud to be working with three Oscar nominees on my next project (Charles Roven, Amy Adams, Michael Wilkinson)! Congrats!

Can you identify all three of these people?

Hello Man of Steel and that guy in the bottom who frankly scares us a little.

So as we painfully wait to hear ANY official news on the sequel (we'll take a title.. a title would be nice Warner Bros.), enjoy these pictures shot by Clay. And #housegympontiac?.. say hi to Superman for us!


  1. That's a Black Canary (Gina Carano):


    Comic Black Canary:


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