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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five Things We Learned From Latest Fan Encounter In Detroit

Hello longer hair and scruff, is this a look we'll be seeing in Man of Steel 2?

It's been a busy past few days here at Henry Cavill News, after Henry was spotted during an outing in his temporary home of Detroit.

What started as a sweet story of him learning sign language turned into a fan boy/girl's dream, after the pics and details from that night came out. (Again, thanks to our reader for letting us know). 

Here are the five things we learned from that fan encounter at a suburban Detroit bar Friday night:

1) Despite what you may have read online, according to Gjonnyboy on IMDb, there's no major chaos going on behind the scenes of Man of Steel 2:

Given all the new seemingly negative word around the development; I wanted to reassure anyone who even remotely cares that MOS2 is on like donkey kong. I got the word from the man himself. 

2) Filming on Man of Steel 2 could have already started. When Gjonnyboy shared what he claims Henry told him, he mentioned "they have been filming in Pontiac." As you know that is where the Michigan Motion Picture studios are located, but according to Warner Bros. filming isn't supposed to start until at least April. Deadline later reported the major players have been "summoned" to Detroit for the start of filming. Gjonnyboy's account seems to support the Deadline claim. 

3) Henry's beard and longer hair could be a big clue about filming. You guys definitely noticed it and provided some theories.

His hair is definitely longer! Does this mean Supes is getting his trademark curl back?

Curl is not enough, i wanna MULLETS

If they have Doomsday...in comics, during recovery, his hair grows long. Perhaps they are doing this story & filming first?

Because we have a beard too. He wouldn't have a beard unless something happened, right? :) hmmmmmm!

Elen's theory is not bad, but we also find Latino Review's guess pretty appealing:

Exiled Superman?

Look at Cavill. He’s got his “scruffy, emo Clark” facial hair on- complete with neck fur! If filming is truly underway, that means he has this look in the scenes they’ve been filming. Might Clark be doing a cross-country “walk of shame” after the destruction of Metropolis? Maybe.

Now the fan who met Henry also mentioned he's been doing some "heavy training," so he could just be letting the scruff grow while he goes about his business. But considering that we hadn't seen that look on him for quite a while, we're thinking there's a chance filming could be underway. 

4) Mlive's Eric Lacy talked to someone who met Henry over the weekend and tweeted that he could be in Detroit for "up to 10 months." Could that mean back to back filming of Man of Steel 2 and Justice League? - it certainly adds fuel to that fire.

5) The most important thing we learned, or really just reconfirmed.. is that Henry is an absolute gem and very deserving of wearing the Superman suit. The way he carries himself whenever he meets his fans, really does remind us why we do the work we do. Proud to support such an outstanding guy.


  1. He's f. HOT. Period. I'd like to be the one that helps him in and out of his Superman suit...I'd even iron his Cape...

  2. "Exiled Superman"??..."walk of shame" after SAVING the planet????? I don't find those script ideas very appealing! Director Snyder and writer, Goyer, spoke up in defense of the level of destruction that ocurred as collateral damage in MOS as a natural consequence in a battle between two beings with super powers (one of whom was fighting for the first time in his life!) Trying to help with clean-up, & rebuilding structures & saving lives sounds admirable. But for pete's sake! Portray him as someone people will be inspired by & gain HOPE from. Please give us the heroic Superman we're waiting for!!!

    1. Superman was devastated after he killed Zod but then we see him with Lois at the office so who knows what they are planning.

    2. I've been a fan of Superman for ages & was worried about his possible portrayal in MOS because of Nolan's involvement. I didn't want to see him turned into a dark, tortured soul like Batman. I needn't have fretted. The loneliness & feelings of alienation (like that pun?) added a new dimension to the character, making him easier to relate to, w/o making him less noble. And in the end he WAS heroic. Let's hope the filmmakers keep him that way.

  3. http://www.celebuzz.com/2014-01-30/henry-cavill-upsets-deaf-people-but-apologizes-faster-than-a-speeding-bullet/

  4. I doubt Andrea who tweeted Henry's learning experience re: deaf culture calling him a "nice fella" said all those negative things re: HC to Celebuzz. Maybe it was a petty "regular" at the bar or rather the story is totally made up.

    1. agreed...something doesn't seem right.

  5. Three times Mangiardi shared his story, once on Twitter, and twice for two reputable media outlets, this blog and MLive. He had only nice things to say about Henry, calling him a "nice fella." Three times.

    Only once, the fourth time and for a dubious media outlet like Celebuzz, he supposedly said those bad things about him.

    Chances are 3 to 1 he did not say anything bad and that Celebuzz made it all up.

  6. I stand corrected: Mangiardi confirmed on Twitter the story is true. Quote: 

    Karen ‏@Kazzy_69Jan 31@AdreanMM @MarksParadise Theres a story going around how Henry upset one of you guys by mistake in the bar? Did you post this? Is it true? Reply  Retweet  Favorite  MoreDetails 

    Adrean Mangiardi ‏@AdreanMM24h@Kazzy_69 yes its true. 

    Link: https://twitter.com/AdreanMM/statuses/426986339699933184 

    What can I say? He made a mistake, like all humans do, and apologized for it. He still has my admiration for being such a humble guy.


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