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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Henry's 'Immortals' Costar Shares Behind The Scenes Pic

Actor Alan Van Sprang today had a treat for fans, after he tweeted the above behind the scenes picture with some of the cast of Immortals, in which he played Dareios.

As you know Henry was Theseus in the film, and what can we say...

The looks

The moves


Check out some of the set and premiere pics in our Immortals galleries and don't miss the videos. Those of you who are fans of Henry in the The Tudors (really who isn't), know Alan worked with him there as well. Nice to see the camaraderie continues.


  1. He is so gay friendly!

  2. Good for him. Wish more people were like that. I see too many people being hateful towards gays.

  3. His 4 best friends are all gay. He invited them to the MOS premiere in NYC and of the 5 SM key copies he made, he kept 1 and gave them the other 4. His best friend Corey Spears of the 4 was also invited to Henry's brother's wedding, in Canada. So yes, he is very gay friendly.


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