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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Critics' Choice Awards Tonight: Our Thoughts in Gifs

UPDATE: Mark Wahlberg takes home the award, congrats to him. We are still very proud of Henry for his nomination. Go Man of Steel!

We're not gonna tell you we weren't disappointed when we first heard Henry wouldn't be attending the Critics' Choice awards tonight, where he's nominated for 'Best Actor in an Action Movie.'

We mean.. C'MOOOON

and the sexy smile.. 

We were SO ready for a repeat of last year's show. Henry is not able to make it because he's busy preparing for Man of Steel 2. As we wallowed in sadness, one of our twitter followers put it all in perspective.

Hmm.. Henry does have to be in Superman shape for the start of filming in the next few weeks.

So while we are still pretty shattered that we're missing out on this.. 

hope you'll join us and tune in to the CW at 8 p.m. EST to cheer on our favorite superhero and all around great guy Henry Cavill. Good luck tonight Man of Steel - go get them!

Gifs via the talented Amancanfly


  1. I think he should go. It looks good to be there. I will be rooting for him anyway. Best of luck to Henry. :)

  2. That's okay. We still gonna see him on other stuff. CCA is not the end of it!:-)

  3. I think this is one of those award shows where the winners are made aware before hand so they'll be there. Kind of telling when Mark was the only one who went & he ended up winning?

    I was so happy that the girl from 12 Years a Slave won. She was amazing.


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