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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Bumpy, Dusty Ride With Henry Cavill?.. We Are So In!

Former commando sniper Aldo Kane, got to work with Henry during the Driven to Extremes shoot in China. Today he released this never-before-seen candid clip from that trip to the hottest place on earth and it's full of awesome. We won't even tell you how many times we've watched it wishing that was us riding shotgun with Henry (it rhymes with 'many'). Enjoy.


"Riding Shotgun with Superman --Henry Cavill."

See the pics from the show and read the interview with Aldo. Thanks for sharing the new video! - cap (via).


  1. I love the Driven To Extremes documentary! Henry is such a nice guy, as always!

  2. I love Henry! Do you have any new pics of Henry and his new pup?

  3. Aldo is pretty hot too!

  4. Awe thank you so much guys for including my caps!! I'm honored you enjoyed them enough to place them on the page xxx

    1. You captured one of the best candid moments in the show. It seemed fitting. Thank you!


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