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Friday, November 21, 2014

Watch Henry With Some Starstruck Lemurs At Durrell Wildlife Park

"Our female, Tioni, took shine to him, she did actually come and sit by him and stayed there for quite a while."

Can you blame her? -- Tioni representing! 

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has just released this new video, of Henry's visit to their Wildlife Park in August. Henry is their new ambassador, and had the chance to hang out with the lemurs and their keeper, Leila Boyd.  

We really hope you take a moment to leave a message for Henry at cavillconservation.com, where you can read his blog posts (he does write them himself) and learn all about the endangered animals he's trying to save with a little help from all of us. He's a good guy and deserves to know he has your support. Loving your tweets!

HQ caps via Cavillfan.net where you can see the rest.


  1. These pics, video clip and time Henry spent with the lemurs at Durrell Wildlife is very very special and sweet. Tioni and the lemurs are so cute. Animals are very in tune with people's spirits and energy...and it's no doubt why she was attracted to Henry! He has such a good, kind spirit. <3 <3 <3 I'll have to visit his website now too. Thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Leila, Durrell Wiildlife & HCN. (y) :) <3

  2. Smart lemur that Tioni! (I wish we had a pic to view of her sitting by him.)

    Okay, I have to share a funny: My Dad, apparently, read where I posted Henry was in El Paso. To which he sent me this short email:

    Henry Cavill reminds me of me without the beard.
    Love ya,


    1. OMG Jen!...Your Dad is Hilarious!!! (y) :D <3 I think it's a definite Signal of Approval from him. :D I hope you're enjoying your Lunch in Deming...

    2. Oh I didn't head up there today...darn those responsibilities. :-/

      But I'm thinking maybe Monday. :-)

      And yeah, that is my Dad's running joke...he cracks me up.

    3. Oh my goodness...I love these Durrell screen caps...so beautiful! :D Very nice...<3 <3 <3
      Wow...Thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Durrell & HCN (y) :) <3

      I was in the middle of commenting on Henry's Durrell website but got disconnected and then got distracted by those darn responsibilities too...but I'll be sure to let Durrell know how much we appreciate everything they share with us. <3

      Jen...I'm thinking...since your Dad looks like Henry...maybe you should introduce him to him. He could be a Body Double for him for Stratton... :D Sorry to hear you missed going up to Deming for lunch, but...I'm sure they'll give you a Rain Check at your favorite restaurant there--anyone who drives around with "Honk if you're Henry!" on their Jeep is always welcome in Deming...

    4. My Dad doesn't look like Henry....he says that about every hot guy lol. (Although, curiously enough, my ex boyfriend resembles Henry! But- he was a jerk. Doesn't matter how hot one might be, if you open your mouth and spew ugliness...)

      I have contemplated putting that sign on there when I head up to Deming. This ought to be interesting lol.

    5. Jen, Your Dad has a good sense of Humor. I wonder what your Mom says when he's honking his horn like that...lol.

      I agree with you about your comment about your ex...Looks may get your attention initially, But a person has to be good on the inside because that's mostly what makes him/her attractive. In fact, that's what I like most about Henry...is that he's a real sweetheart and seems like an authentic genuine person. Solid. If he was a jerk, I don't care how good looking he is, I wouldn't be a fan. But he's a good man...ETC., so...Anyway...

      I think you should put that sign on when you go to Deming...If you need help with it...Just enlarge this and print it out: http://seanssabbatical.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/honk_if_youre_horny_bumper_sticker-p128584839361362270trl0_400-300x85.jpg

      And use a lil White-Out on a few letters...then... get out a Magic Marker...and BOOM. You're Set. To. Go. (y) :D <3

  3. I want to give him A Kiss...like Tioni kissing that lemur on that lil video clip... <3


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