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Monday, November 3, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Illinois Filming: Day 1

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By now pretty much the whole Chicago area knows Batman and Superman have arrived for filming. Today the cast and crew reportedly shot outside the city, where a few lucky fans met director Zack Snyder and Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams (who was also spotted as she arrived in IL).

Inages: StephSaunders5

With fans and journalists looking to catch some action, we hear security was tight at today's location. There were no sightings of Superman, but fans did catch a glimpse of Diane Lane and Ben Affleck. So no Henry so far, but it's only day 1. Plus we have more than enough (1/2) smiling pics from the weekend, to keep us going for a while.  

Image: Kascholtes

For fans not willing to trekk it out to the Illinois countryside in the next few days, there's a casting call that may have your name on it! - Project Casting shared the details of the unnamed film looking for extras for this coming Monday, November 10. There is no confirmation it's for Batman v Superman, but the site says that's the only movie now shooting in Chicago. Read the details

We're gearing up for a busy next few weeks, as cameras roll on Batman v Superman in Illinois. Stay tuned!


  1. Lovely pics with Zack, Steph, Amy and the cute Red Head ( I don't see where her name is mentioned, but...). Very nice...and special to share a fun fan moment with them. Looks like a busy exciting week in Chicago and out at the Kent Farm. Thanks so much for sharing the pics/updates, Everyone, Kascholtes & HCN. (y) :) <3

    1. * I meant to say "the OTHER cute Red Head"...because Amy is a Red Head too and definitely very cute/pretty too. :) <3


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