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Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Mexico Raises The Bar, Delivering One Hot Superman Pic

*Click at your own risk for HQ*
Are you still alive out there? because it looks like Henry is trying to kill us all, with those HOT TIGHTS OF HIS. This latest pic comes via H_Williams12, whose dad met Henry looks like in Playas (yes, we're the NM experts) this week. Wow. Wow. WOW. Feel free to add to that..

Thanks to CurlySueChick19's tip (told you your fans were crafty Henry), we know exactly what he's wearing: Reebok's Crossfit Compression Tights. They sure make for one FIT Superman. While we wait for their next appearance, don't miss the rest of the great fan pics from New Mexico.

Hope Henry is enjoying his time there because the area has plenty to offer, including gorgeous sunsets and awesome hiking spots (Thanks for sharing Mike!).


  1. Mayday ! Mayday ! I need helps. He is realy too much

  2. Nice pics, Michael Blevins! :D Thanks for sharing with us... (y) :) <3

  3. Had to giggle a bit at the 'stop wearing the leggings' tweet... The leggings serve a purpose. He is gracious enough to allow people to take pictures with him when they run into him- he isn't out to impress anyone. (I know I'm not when I work out!)

    Anyways, thanks again for the new pics! :-) City of Rocks is on my 'to do' list with our camper. (For anyone reading this- New Mexico, from what we've experienced so far, has an excellent state parks system. You can reserve a spot online for most sites.)

    I'm pretty sure Deming got the same weather we did down in El Paso and it was just GORGEOUS today- perfect! So I'm betting they had a great walk/hike. Soaked up some rays and played with my dogs a little bit. Leaves are finally falling off the trees here. (The trees in our yard are the reason I wanted to move to this house, plus the view....trees are fairly rare here.)

    Thanks again to everyone who is sharing their encounters with him and also for the other pics of where they're visiting, etc. :-)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jen...I'm glad you had such a nice day. I did too...even though the weather was colder than a well digger's butt up here and didn't much care to be outside, but anyway...I've been thinking about A Camper myself...saw a pretty DeLux one earlier that appeared to be absolutely loaded with everything in it and ready to go--like some type of SuperCamper (though I haven't been shopping, but just so happened to see it online when checking out something)...maybe I'll add it to my "Bucket List"...

      We have a ton of trees up here cause it's g.d. forest...and it's like the set of Twilight (which was actually partly filmed up here in WA), and it's nice, but the thing is...then...you gotta Rake Pine Needles galore til the cows come home if you have a ton of Trees in your Yard...But at least it's good exercise. I'm kinda ready to move to NM or CA though...before it gets cold as hell out...

      It looks like an update just came in and he was in Deming! I'll have to take a look. Holy $hit, Jen...I hope you put your Honk/Henry sign up...

    2. WA state?!! I am so envious!! We had WA on our wish list of places to go! I know it is rainy, etc. up there, but I seriously miss trees and, mostly, water... love being in the water kayaking, snorkeling, etc. (I know it is too cool to snorkel up there, but still.)

      You should get a leaf blower for those pine needles. That is what I used when we live in NC. Miss it sooo much.

      I haven't been up to Deming yet, might try it tomorrow. However, it looks like he goes in the evenings there (assuming after shoots?). I don't like driving at night is the only thing...but might try it anyways.

    3. You may as well add Washington to the Bucket List then too, Jen! :D I'll recreate the whole Twilight experience for you...complete with Vampires and Wolves (yes, we have those too up here!). :D They actually do have a Twilight tour bus up where it was filmed...people from all over the world come to see Bella's house even (which actually got burned down, but then they recreated it for tourists). But I won't take you on that...you probably got enough of it watching the movie...but anyways...

      I was so excited to see all the other pics earlier...I wonder if there is more to come this week. It's Monday now...so...He might try Deming...Keep on the look out and your H/H sign on your Jeep... :)

  4. Remembering what Henry said about this Whale Scene...being Peaceful... http://schmoesknow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Man-of-Steel-Trailer-Images-Clark-Kent-in-Water.jpg

    And thought of this... http://youtu.be/vXXD7XSezO8

    1. That's why I loooove the water...so peaceful. People have asked if I'm afraid of sharks, etc...and, for some reason, I'm not. (Well, I only go in when it is clear enough.) Extremely peaceful. Of course, he was probably in a controlled environment for those water shots (pool, etc.)

      Speaking of whales...have you seen this? I can't find info or whether this is real or not (or, rather well-spliced videos of the 'sirens' and whales.) Talk about a bucket list experience!!!

      P.S... Skip to about 3:42 if you want to see the whales. :-)

  5. I hear ya, Jen...The beach/water/ocean make you feel ONE with the earth...
    Is this what you're talking about? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECjrgy1BUIw
    Alan Watts, 3 Sirens, and 3 Humpback Whales - Swimming Together all Filmed on a GoPro


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