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Saturday, November 1, 2014

MI Friends Say Goodbye To Henry & Trainer Michael Blevins

It's easy to see why Detroit meant so much to Henry, after reading the words of the friends he made during the time he was there. Bradley Berlin shared this touching message for Henry and his trainer Michael Blevins, along with an awesome collage of their time together, just hours after the Batman v Superman cast and crew moved on to Chicago:

"A rolling stone gathers no moss but collects a damn fine polish." -B.J. Palmer It's time for our friends to roll on. Both Michael Blevins and Henry Cavill have left quite an impact on our gym. I've learned a great deal from both of them about what it means to be a Maven. We will most certainly miss these two fine-polished men, until next time. -Bradley Berlin

During their time in Michigan, Michael and Henry were welcomed into the CrossFit Maven family, participating in competitions and even helping them move to their new gym a few weeks ago. 

The pictures from the Michigan Barbell Classic, Pure Michigan Invitational, and Michigan Barbell Classic II of course only tell part of the story of the close friendships developed during the months Henry and Michael lived in Detroit. Those memories are theirs to keep.   

Courtesy: Bradley Berlin

Steve Riparip: "Farewell to my friends Michael Blevins and Henry Cavill. Great to have you in Michigan, see you soon, and have fun in Chicago! Thanks for the memories boys. #buddies #henrycavill #superman #blevinsisaboss #suchnicehair #halffilipinotwins"

Courtesy: Steve Riparip

Courtesy: Donna Durst Garbarz


  1. I wanna see the weightlifting Henry in close-up! Dang! How much weight is that? You can tell how natural he was with these people. seem like genuine friends. nice. good for him.

  2. I Agree. These pics and Instagram video with Henry, Michael and their Detroit friends are really nice. Some very special times/memories with them. Everyone looks happy in these pics...and SuperCav-El is SuperHot in them too. <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much for sharing, Maven Family, Bradley, Donna, Steve & HCN. (y) :) <3


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