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Thursday, November 6, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Filming Moves To Chicago: Latest From IL

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We knew once Batman v Superman filming wrapped at the Kent farm and surrounding areas, Chicago would be ready to step in with production news. The Windy City did not disappoint, with journalists and fans providing updates from the different sets, and we even had a Lois Lane sighting.

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From a subway stop made to look like Washington, D.C., to the Daily Planet getting its iconic Globe, workers have been busy putting the finishing touches on the sets where the cast and crew will be filming for the next week or so. It looks like some of it will be overnight work. Read more on the closures at the Chicago Tribune.

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This was the Kent farm today, as work moved to Chicago. See you next time Yorkville! - Thanks for giving us the latest pics of Henry as he keeps up his fitness regime for the film. 

Finally, a quick reminder to all those extras hired to be part of Batman v Superman in Chicago, breaking an NDA is not cool. Please respect the work of the actors and crew who are trying hard to bring us an awesome film. Latest from Illinois as we get it!

Images: @abc7Chicago, jordan_myers

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  1. These are some Very Interesting Set Pics...Looks like a Wild Night in Chicago... :D
    Thanks so much for sharing all the Updates/Details, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3


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