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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello Superman! - Henry Works Out In El Paso, TX

Mteran_ "With the Man of Steel himself"

johnnyesc: "Looks like Superman (Henry Cavill) took a little break from acting to get a workout in at @blackflag_sc."
So excited to see Henry in our hometown! (even though we're really dying a little as we watch from L.A.). Earlier his trainer tweeted this pic of the border area, where they spent some time as Batman v Superman filming continues in nearby New Mexico.

Once the pictures hit the web, a local TV station reported additional details about Henry and Mike's visit to the gym:

KFOX14 was told the gym has a Gym Jones training program, and Cavill's assistant made arrangements for the gym to temporarily close for Cavill to workout Wednesday.

And even El Pasoans who didn't get to meet Henry, were excited to have him there.

Enjoy El Paso, you guys! - wish we could be there to show you around. And seriously, don't leave without trying out Cattleman's. #ProudTexan 


  1. Glad to see a fellow Texan from HCN! Yeehah! I agree on that label, "Lucky Border Town"! Maybe some day they will film something in a Gulf Coast city, like H-Town! ;-)

    1. Such a treat to see them there, desert sunsets are really pretty and the people are really nice (maybe a little biased). Plus ALL that good Mexican food!

    2. Not biased... all true. :-) I'm an outsider here (been here for almost 2 years), and I still say all the time how nice the people here are. Mean it 100%. I still cannot get over the fact he was here...lol.

  2. I'm ready to Work F#ckin Harder now after seeing that pic...Lovely pics in Mexico today. It looks like summer weather too...Nice. I like reading all the lil comments and details too. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing, Everyone, Roby, Henry, Michael & HCN. (y) :) <3

    1. I just noticed the new added pic with Mteran...Beautiful... <3 <3 <3 Thanks for sharing. :D

    2. It was a bit chilly here today, but much warmer than it has been though. If he is staying the night, I hope it is somewhere he could see the spectacular sunset we had today. (I mean, it was even more gorgeous than usual.) I snagged a few pics from atop the road we live on. Anyways, by any stretch of the imagination if he reads this or his assistant does...and y'all are still here...and he has Kal-El with him- check out "Lost Dog Trail" (can find it on Yelp even). Don't let the name fool you...it is a well-maintained trail. Nice, quiet...I am heading there tomorrow for some nice walking. Anyways, I cannot believe he was here and I missed it! OH and I second Cattleman's...but go out (if you can) well before sunset. They don't take reservations, but maybe will make an exception for y'all. Get a window seat.

    3. Thanks for the update, Jen...(y) I heard that the Lost Dog Trailhead is the start to the Redd Road Trails...For some unknown reason, it does not have an actual address, so Don't. Get. Lost. It's been said people have been KILLED out there too, but anyway...Don't let it bother you, just Relax and Enjoy yourself...Here's a pic: http://www.elpasosouthwest.com/media/logo/lost-dog-trailhead_u58g3f.jpg

      He's a lil like BigFoot...hard to track down...but it sounds like you're enjoying the Journey and Adventure along the way, Jen...so when you finally see him...it'll be like Icing on the [New Mexico]Cake[walk]...Love reading your lil stories here...Keep us posted... :)

    4. Lost Dog trail is right down the road from our house. Although I do tend to get lost (I was out and about this evening without the GPS- stupid, stupid...), I pass by that trail all the time. (Thanks for looking out for me though! :-) I could get lost in my closet, I'm that geographically challenged lol. No murders...that's somewhere else. This place is really safe, open trail. Great views of the Franklins. :-) (And the Street Kitchen Taco truck nearby is awesome!)

      Yes, like BigFoot... He was at one of two gyms and gathering by the drive-by shot MB posted of Juarez, I'm guessing he was at the east side one. If he was at the west side one, that's 15 mins tops from my house...Killing me! LOL!!!

      I do hope he is able to enjoy a little bit more of El Paso than the (apparent) quick jaunt. I think he went as a favor for a friend/work-out. That was awfully nice of them to do that... Playas is easily 3+ hours from here... one-way.

    5. Love these detailed updates, Jen...They're very interesting...Thanks so much for sharing... (y) :) <3

    6. "I think he went as a favor for a friend/work-out." Very nice. I am certain that friend appreciated it. :) <3

  3. Welcome to Texas! I live in deep in the country on the outsquirts of Houston. TEXAS PROUD.
    I thought filming is in Mexico.... why is in El Paso.? Mnt

    1. New Mexico! -- Playas, where we hear most of the filming is taking place -- is about 180 miles from El Paso. So great to see them in El Paso. Texas representing! :)

  4. I can see that he is more relaxed, may be it has to do with the south environment and the people in it. Nice pics!! Thanks for sharing...

    1. That's good to hear...Do you think he was a lil concerned for a while...that he wouldn't adapt to the Climate Change on the way down there?

    2. It's drier here... And as silly as it sounds, you have to drink water like crazy here. I know you're thinking "How can anyone forget to drink water?" Seriously, I have gotten sick twice from dehydration. (Both times camping.)

      And a tip if he has Kal-El (has that been verified- the dog's name?) with him, he needs to bring a pair of tweezers on walks. Google "goat-head" thorns. Those things are nasty! But pull them out real quick and the dogs are okay. :-)

    3. I googled Goat Head Thorns...Ouch...Can you imagine sitting on one? Here's a pic... http://yarchive.net/bike/Goathead.jpg

      I think it's been verified that Kal-El is in fact the dog's actual name...and it sounds like they might need to be careful around the Goathead Thorns there so they don't get stuck in his feet...

      I've felt dehydrated a few times myself...the past few days actually...I saw something that scared the $hit out of me...and I forgot to [breath/eat/]drink enough water...but then I settled down and decided to blow it off/live in De Nile for awhile if necessary until I knew everything was o.k. again (it's not just a place in Egypt)...and then drank enough water and that helped...but anyway...

      If you see SuperBigFootHenry...are you going to ask him about the Thorns...or wait to see if he brings it up first?

    4. Why, yes, I can imagine sitting on one...and stepping on them bare-footed... Ask me how I know lol. (I also know I have invented several new four-letter words during those occasions.) ;-)

      *If* I saw him (seriously fat chance even if he was still in El Paso or came back- this place is majorly spread-out), anyways, *if* I did, there's a good chance I'd forget my name let alone anything else lol. If Kal-el is with him and he's been walking him here or in NM, he probably knows all about them at this point. Those things are everywhere. We live in a house with xeriscaped front yard (read: mostly rocks and some plants) and they are still in our yard.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the updates... :-) Still thinking about trekking out to "No Man's Land", NM for a road trip to see if we could get near-ish to the set out there. I did a little more research...they have a guard shack and crazy stuff like that (because of the Army's anti-terrorist training.) Brilliant on Zack's part (or the location casting crew- whoever made that decision) and the city for renting it out for movie sets!

    5. Jen, there's a lot of people who forget their name when they see him, so don't feel alone in that. They just stand there speechless...grinning, crying (or $hitting their pants). But talk is overrated at times when you first meet someone anyway...because you're too busy sizing someone up and scanning their body/aura/etc./feeling happy in the moment...you know. But does anyone really ever say anything anyway? No...blah blah f...in' blah ("I just carried a watermelon in..")...They just want to touch him and get a Fan Photo with him...but that's o.k...it's all still very lovely...

      Now...I'm glad to learn about these Goat Head Thorns because even if I don't see any in NM, I have a sneaking suspicion they are found in other places in the world. I've never ran into one myself, but...at least I'm prepared now (I like to use 4 letter words too...so I'd probably rip a few of those out too if it happens...Idk...those things come out unplanned in an out of control fashion at times)...

      I have to admit...the more I hear about the secret set down there, the more I feel like wandering in to take a look myself. But the concern is...if I do...I'd get shot down or arrested...even if I looked like a harmless Strawberry Shortcake walking in...just to say hi (but I'd probably stick out like a sore thumb/be a distraction on the set...which wouldn't be good, but)...

      You'll have to keep us posted on the low down and lay out of The Land. We have to live vicariously through you and everyone there for now...Thanks so much for the interesting details and updates, y'all. (y) :) <3

    6. Oh my gosh, I totally laughed at myself yesterday (telling a friend he was here) and she asked what I'd say if I met him and I said 'probably something stupid like the watermelon line from DD!' LMAO! That's so funny!

      As I understand it, the area of Playas would be hard to get into....a kind of place where only the people who are supposed to be there are there... I am not sure how much training (the military) does out there. (Although I thought I read somewhere recently that they've cut back on the training...so I'm not sure.) Man, that would be cool if Henry was able to snag some military tips re. the new Stratton deal he has going on. (We've had actors/actresses come through for a few days of Special Forces-type training at times to Ft Bliss.)

      I keep looking around as I am driving...what I expect to see, I don't know...but if I see an Akita, I'm pulling over lol! I thought about putting a sign on my Jeep: "Honk if you're Henry!" lol

      So are you in New Mexico? I have only visited a tad bit of it and would love to see more. The Albuquerque balloon festival is on my 'bucket list' for next year. :-)

    7. Sounds like we're both Dirty Dancing Fans...lol. (y) Loved that show...A story about a girl (who doesn't know much) who comes in on the scene...and ends up teaching this guy (who's been there done that already...actually something new...and everyone goes along on the ride learning something too. It's great)...Anyway...

      O.K...My concern if you put "Honk if you're Henry!" on your Jeep is that people might accidently read it as "Honk if you're Horny!" and you'll get honked at by Everyone else who's also driving around looking for Henry...But he might see it and honk too...so...Idk...it might be worth it...

      Thanks for the Playas update...I've never been there...so wouldn't quite know what to expect. That's funny you mentioned the Balloon Festival because I had the thought earlier that I could fly overhead the set in a hot air balloon that had, "Don't shoot, I'm friendly!" with a smiley face on it...just to get a look to see what was going on, but considering it's nearby a military base, that's probably be the first thing doing a Drive By that'd get shot down...Idk...

      It sounds like Henry might have an opportunity while there to get a few Special Forces training tips in that would prove useful for his new Stratton film coming up...Interesting...

      I'm not in New Mexico at the moment, but...I'm considering...However...I might start up a Bucket List for next year too...and add an Albuquerque balloon festival to it. Sounds like a great idea...

    8. We are so kindred spirits... I seriously thought about that today (the "Honk/Henry" sign) and it dawned on me that could happen! How funny is that?!!! Especially since people would be expecting the alternative...(and probably would assume I don't know how to spell LMAO)

      BTW, the Albuquerque balloon festival is supposed to be the world's largest! :-)

      Man, it is gonna take forever before BvsS comes out!!!

    9. Jen, I agree about the kindred spirits thing...in fact, we could probably talk til the cows come home about many things...and I also think people would love to see a Honk/Henry sign on your Jeep 'cause whether they're honking for Henry or cause they're horny (they won't give a rat's a$$ whether you can spell or not) 'cause people love to Honk Their Horns...and you just gave them a good reason to. It allows them to let off some STEAM... :D

      Now...about the Albuquerque balloon festival...I've sensed it was pretty BIG too...something like this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-n_GStt4wfn4/Ua02cjCvdII/AAAAAAAASAY/12uqWGUYNfI/s1600/hot-air-balloons2.jpg
      It almost looks like A Rainbow EXPLODED into the sky...and gave birth to a billion balloons...No? Crazy...I'll have to do a lil more research into it...but it looks very interesting...But the main thing is to avoid one of these kind of balloons: http://www.wall-street.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/hot-air-balloon-catches-fire.jpg
      We'd have to be able to FLY outta that one!

      I agree that it's gonna take forever before BvsS comes out...but I think it'll be worth it... :D

      I wonder if Henry has any night shoots...or if he is shooting mostly during the day? What do you think he's doing right now? Probably reading a BvS script...or a Stratton one...or giving Kal a treat...or getting ready for BED...or getting ready to honk his horn if he reads this and sees you driving around tomorrow in your Jeep...

  5. Great pics in Deming... (y) <3 :D
    Jen...even if you haven't seen him yet...at least you can feel his Energy and Aura in the Area...and that's Something. Right? Don't give up yet...It'll happen at some point...if not in El Paso...some where else. I'm glad you're enjoying the journey/Mexican food along the way...
    I wonder if he is going to California after filming BvS. If he'll prepare for Stratton there...or...where...
    Anyway...Thanks so much for keeping us posted! :) <3

  6. A Superman song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r04b_X4AXE

    "Superman can fly high way up in the sky
    'Cause I believe he can
    So what I choose to believe can always work out fine
    It's all in my mind

    I think of his grace and imagine his life
    Imagine his life..."

    <3 <3 <3

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