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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Illinois Filming: Day 2

Une vidéo publiée par Luis Gomez (@tribluis) le

It's a good thing we got our fill of Superman over the weekend, because it's 2-0 for fans trying to catch a glimpse of Henry at the latest set outside of Chicago. If he's even there. Reporter Luis Gomez posted the video above of filming at a cemetery today.
We understand Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne were spotted on set and don't you worry Batman fans, so was Ben Affleck (who also worked out with a lucky fan over the weekend). Nearby the Kent farm looks ready to go, as you can see in the pics shared by Heather Westmoreland.

And while excitement is building ahead of Batman v Superman filming in Chicago, today's shooting schedule upset at least one voter who said she couldn't get to her polling place because of the road closures. Read more.

As for the cast and crew, they were hard at work. Mostly. *giggles*

Видео опубликовано Clay Enos (@clayenos) в

Party pooper Chris Nolan though, has revealed he nixed a post-credit scene for Man of Steel, telling The Guardian: “A real movie wouldn’t do that.” #wearetryingreallyhardnottojudge

More from Illinois coming up this week!


  1. There was a really fast moving Red Drive By in that Funeral Clip...I was so focused on the Headstones and trying to see if Clark/who all was at the Funeral that it Startled me a bit...
    Zack's Corn Cob throw is really something...Glad Fong is earning his ASC cred...
    Interesting Kent Farm updates...Can't wait to hear more. Thanks Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3

  2. Nolan is right. The post-credit scenes and post-credit teasers are a Marvel gimmick that fits in well with the more jokey tone of the Marvel movies.

    They just wouldn't fit with the tone that the DCU is going for.



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