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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sexiest Man: Always Henry (For More Reasons Than The Obvious One)

Image: Bananadoc

People magazine is about to announce (UPDATE: Congrats, Chris) its Sexiest Man Alive. While we know who it should be, they're probably gonna pick someone who has a movie coming out soon, etc.. it's all about the spin and timing as you know. But you still have a chance to help Henry defend his Sexiest Man title over at Glamour UK (eat it, People). We should have really gotten on this sooner, but we've been really busy cheering on Henry and his charities. And what do you think is more important to him? some magazine title, or helping make a difference in the world. Yeah.

However now that he's in Nowhere, NM - and we wait for smoke signals from there, we're on it! - So what makes Henry Cavill the Sexiest Man of 2014? - Let's take a look back at the past year for that answer.

Henry started the year preparing for Batman v Superman in Salt Lake City and then moved to Detroit. What can we say, NO ONE wears a beanie and sports a beard like Henry.

Image: Gym Jones

Don't even get us started on those gorgeous curls of his, and the sweetest fan encounters.

Fast forward to t-shirt weather, and fan selfies.. one sexy summer in Detroit.

And then came Comic-Con. OH MY SITH. Never again, will we watch a Stars Wars film without thinking Henry should have been in it. Damn you Zack Snyder, this picture is just too sexy for our fangirl brains to process.

As we waited for the cast appearance in Hall H, we wondered what could top THAT moment: Hello sexy swagger and smile: #SeriouslyHotSuperman

A few weeks later, it was time for the big reveal as Henry walked back to his trailer on the Batman v Superman set. We got a first look at him wearing that SEXY supersuit.

Being sexy of course is more than just looks. Henry proved that when he took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Yes, he looked AH-mazing in his Superman outfit (thank you Michael Wilkinson), but what stood out for us was his humble nature as he got socked with bucket after bucket of ice water. Nice job Superman.

What also makes Henry one sexy guy, is his constant support for those he cares for. That includes his trainer, Michael Blevins, who he turned out to help at several (1/2/3) Michigan competitions.. 

One of which led to this OH. SO. SEXY moment, as he posed with the cutest baby in Detroit. Politicians have nothing on you, Henry.  

So what could be sexier than that?.. in comes Kal! - Henry is THE sexiest puppy dad. Those two are like a walking magazine cover. Plus it's so nice to see Henry take Kal pretty much everywhere he goes. A true companion indeed.

But what we think makes Henry the sexiest, is his giving nature. He always makes time for his fans and now for the two charities he supports. He's an ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, working to save endangered species and even has a Gorilla family you can adopt! #CavillConservation

Henry has been working long hours on the Batman v Superman set, yet he still stops and takes pictures with fans no matter where he is, or if he's on his personal time (which is usually the case). He also recently participated in the Gibraltar Rock Run to raise money for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, and we got to see first hand the kind of guy he is: A good man. And really, what could be sexier than that?

So VOTE FOR HENRY AND VOTE OFTEN, time is running out! -- and please tell us why you think Henry is the Sexiest Man of 2014 in our comment section. You have our vote, no matter what Superman!


  1. Because he just oozes manliness. He's like... the MANliest man i've ever seen.

  2. Walking down the memory lane already??? I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to the bvs filming yet :( and I just can't imagine the horrifyingly long time we have to wait to see this film. Henry hold me...lol

  3. You might be right about people having a better chance of winning an Award if they have something going on/are associated with Something coming out on the scene that's hot (but those Nordic people ARE very sexy too at times :D Chris is not bad to look at either). But...there's no question that Henry is Sexy. As. Hell. and deserves an Award too...maybe next year. He can't win every year, for Chrissake/Chris' sake...

    Lovely pics, HCN. Each one tells a story of A Journey that's Incredible. Thanks for sharing. (y) :) <3

    1. Chris is actually from Australia, but he plays a Nordic God.

  4. He is kind and a gentleman. That is why he is sexy... His looks just add to it.

  5. I Agree Completely.... <3

  6. Wait, what...Henry was in El Paso today?!!! (That trainer does Cross Fit...I was just looking at gyms to join today, specifically their website and recognized the name!!)

    Kill me, kill me now!!!! LOL! Dangit!!

  7. Jen... :D LOL I've never been to a Cross Fit before...so Idk enough to comment about it, but it looks Interesting...

    1. My gym in North Carolina had a Cross Fit attached to it. From what I saw- lots of ropes, tires, and things I used to keep in my shed...lol.

    2. Holy Smokes, Jen...Sounds more like a g.d. Home Depot...(y) :D

  8. Guys, for us Henry is the sexiest man but who's your 2nd choice? Mine would be Chris Evans yep and throw on Tom Hiddleston in the mix :D

  9. If we're not going to focus on just Henry...I'd say Stephen AMmel...and throw on Prince Harry... :D

  10. You can't get any more sexy than Henry. He has it all! Most handsome man I've seen in a long time, great body, & those curls, thick hair, seems to be very personable with his fans. It also seems that he has some acting abilities. He CAN do it all! Would love to get a chance to meet him, if he ever comes to New York.

    1. True dat, i couldnt agree with u more. Besides he is a babe.


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