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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Sweet: "Ava Very Safe In Superman's Arms"

Image: amandaalvarezlh

And here we thought the sweet pics from the El Paso/Deming area were coming to an end. Ava and her cuteness changed all of that! Her mom, Amanda, shared this photo after they met Henry today adding "Ava veeery safe in Superman's arms." 

Nisharma85 also had a chance to say hi to Henry in El Paso, captioning her pic: "Just met Superman, Henry Cavill!"

Image: Alyssa Donnely

This group of friends met for coffee, and ended up hanging out with Superman. Anne Marie Dee who's home for the holiday, adding: "El Paso, your hospitality is lovely." 

Pics like these remind us why we are so proud to support Henry, every day. 

P.S. El Paso, your tweets are the best.


  1. I should just camp out at that coffee shop lol...

    Henry holding a baby....stop, just stop! ;-)

  2. Ummmm, I thought my baby-making days were done but my ovaries just woke up......HELLO!

  3. LOL... funny I was just thinking the same thing and I'm over 50 haha

  4. Love the new pics with Henry and the El Paso Girls at the Coffee Shop! Beautiful. I just can't get enough of these. <3 :D Thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Alyssa, Ann Marie Dee & HCN (y) :) <3

  5. Henry, El Paso looks good on you...(I mean, what doesn't lol)... and only 2 hr flight to L.A....;-)

    And I agree, El Paso has hospitality galore. :-)

    1. El Paso is really spread out...seriously. Except the fact that he keeps going to some of the same places, mainly that coffee shop, the chances would be fairly slim. I had to look it up, EP has a population of 600+k people. (Now, this is also coming from somebody-me- who moved from a very small area in North Carolina.) So El Paso is huge to me, HUGE.

      Don't know if he has a place in L.A....would me sense. I like California, but I'm more of a San Diego/Carlsbad person. :-)

  6. Ava Very Safe In Superman's Arms <3

  7. Henry. Is. Perfection.


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