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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Picture Of Henry & His Trainer With Their Michigan Friends

mavensally: "TBT: Moving Day, the last day in the old space. #wearethemavens"

The awesome pics out of Michigan keep coming!

Bradley Berlin (MavenSally) just posted this new photo, from the day Henry helped his CrossFit friends move last month. The tight group had only super nice comments and pics to share, as they bid farewell to Henry and his trainer, Mike Blevins, a few weeks ago. We can see they miss their friends. Hopefully they get them back for Justice League!


  1. Henry can place himself on the side of the photo but he will always exude a natural magnetism that makes you want to look at him. The people from Maven CF must miss him terribly. When someone with that much energy leaves a group it takes a while for everything to get back to normal. So looking forward to BvS, pity it is going to be such a long, long wait....

    1. I totally agree, you are just drawn in by him. It is more than just his good looks, the posture, the facial expression, etc.

  2. I agree...and what a lovely photo. This Maven CF looks like a very special group of people. I'm glad Henry had a family to join/spend time with in Michigan. They miss him and he misses them, but he'll see them again. Thanks for sharing, Maven CF, Henry, Michael & HCN. (y) :) <3


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