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Sunday, November 16, 2014

That Time, When Superman Flew Into Our Hometown..

With two tweets, Batman v Superman set photographer Clay Enos confirmed production is now in New Mexico! (and later added a third with Zack Snyder in it for good measure).

He mentioned they flew into El Paso, TX -- which just happens to be home for this staff writer (who is now quietly weeping in her L.A. studio apartment). So like any good host, we'd like to throw out some suggestions on what to do in the area.

1) First off, green chile. In tamales, on enchiladas, in your cheeseburger. You won't be sorry Henry.. plus you don't want to be caught saying you were in New Mexico and you didn't try the green chile. Here's a good place to start.

2) White Sands National Monument. A must. Yes, we know you got to experience the Chinese version during the taping of Driven to Extremes, but who turns down some fun in the sand?

3) While New Mexico has so much to offer in places like Santa Fe, Taos, Ruidoso, and even the quirky Roswell, we realize that's not something you'll be able to fit in. So we would just encourage you to soak up the clean air, enjoy the open space, and don't forget to look up to see some of the best starry skies in the world. Welcome to Deming (or Playas), Superman.


  1. Some beautiful pics...
    Re: those "Suggestions"...very interesting...I'm trying to remember what I just said about TRYING to sound more appropriate. My head's in a fog at the moment though...but...I think I can do it...
    Anyway...Thanks for sharing, Clay & HCN (y) :) <3

  2. Y'all are killing me...;-) Is Henry here?! Learning about Playas, NM last week and heard it is WAY out there... we'll see. I assume if we made the trip out, we'd be able to tell where the set is.

    Also, a shout-out to the article writer: We have traveled and lived in several places in this country and the world... Without a doubt, the friendliest people are in El Paso. :-) All kinds of wonderful restaurants to try here as well. We live on the west side and I constantly gaze up at the mountains here...lovely!

    So here's to possibly getting lucky with some shots of somebody here!!! :)

    Just in case, I have to be at the El Paso airport tomorrow morning...really early. (I almost said super early... ;-) I'll bring my camera, just in case anybody else shows up!

    1. Thanks for the updates and stuff, Jen! Keep us posted...(y) :) <3

    2. No confirmation, but guessing yes. You're absolutely right, Playas is WAY out there and if most of the filming (or all) is there, set pics are probably not happening. But knowing how nice Henry is, we're thinking maybe we get a fan encounter or two. Please let us know if you head down there!

    3. P.S. Jen, thanks for the nice words about El Pasoans. I've lived in many places as well, and it's always nice to come back to that Texas charm. The BBQ is the best, miss Cattleman's and Rudy's for sure! -- All Best, Yvette.

    4. (Just saw this)...Yes- Cattleman's is awesome! (Although part of me did think we'd missed a turn- or 5- on the way out there...;-) All the best right back at ya Yvette. :-)

      I'm hoping to go up to at least Deming. Not a lot out there from what I can recall the few trips we made a stop on our way to/from California.

  3. Can't believe Henry is coming to my state....the land of enchantment. Welcome!

    1. Hope he likes it! (love NM) -- now the only problem is that unless he wanders out of Playas and hangs with fans, we're probably not gonna get anything out of there. #FortKnox #SmartSnyder

  4. I wish I could know if they will be filming next week as well... Much easier week for me to go...but of course, that means Thanksgiving week and the crew would probably appreciate being home for the holiday.

    Anonymous- New Mexico is indeed, lovely! Hoping to explore more of it very soon. We've only been to the southern parts, mostly around the Ruidoso area hiking, geocaching, etc. Gorgeous area!

    Back from the airport already... Brought my camera, but didn't see anybody. (And I'd probably fire my agent if they had me arriving the time I was there lol.) There and back before sunrise. The good thing about that (besides strong coffee) is the skies were very clear here this morning. Didn't see any of the tail end of the Leonid meteor shower, but the orange-blue lights of the sun coming up over the mountains as well as the moon and stars were awesome. :-)


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