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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bearded Supes In Justice League?.. Not So Fast!

Pic: Henry's FB

Okay, so it's pretty obvious Henry has been working incredibly hard to outdo what he called his "minimum goal," as he prepares for Justice League filming. But we're not quite ready to get too excited about the beard, and this is why.

That pic was taken in April of 2014, just before Henry was about to start filming Batman v Superman. He has just shaved off a beard that he'd been growing since he arrived in Detroit at the beginning of 2014.

Back then we totally hyped up Henry with his "Super beard."

Now we're a little more cautious about assuming the same thing, despite the fact that the storyline certainly seems to apply a lot more this time around (via):

It's most likely that when we see Superman come back from the dead, he'll be sporting the beard, due to him being in a coffin all this time.

That's apparently because Superman is not really dead (hair keeps growing). You can read more on that, and the Superman black suit that also keeps coming up in convos HERE and HERE. Thanks for the tips on the comments section you guys.

Beard or no beard, we can't wait to bring you the latest Justice League news as it happens.

Aquaman is ready as well!

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  1. hmmm... Black supersuit, beard like in the comics! this might be one extra hot Superman we have on our hands!drool city here we come!!! can't wait to see how they bring Supes back in JL!

  2. Translation for Twitter message by Fotogramas 7:01 PM - 26 Apr 2016 by Rebecca
    Henry Cavill starts with the 'Superman training' and leaves beard for...#The Justice League?http://www.fotogramas.es/Noticias-cine/La-Liga-de-la-Justicia-Tendra-Superman-un-nuevo-look/ …

  3. Is henry in England training, or America, does Anyone know..

    1. England. They're filming JL 1 in England. His trainer came over.

  4. The MOS bar scene and that beard OMG!. Now JL 2017 with the beard and the black suit yessssssssssssssssssssssssss please! if this happens in the movie i will scream out! (PROMISE) i'll record my reaction and post it here in 2017 XD From Nicole D. in London


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