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Friday, April 8, 2016

Batman v Superman VFX Pics, Dark & Moody Superman (Yes!), Weekend Box Office

The awesome filming bits from Batman v Superman are still coming in.

Today CGMeetup via @ConnorFilm, shared a video that details the VFX breakdown from some of the fight scenes in the film. MPC released the photos, as part of Guillaume Rocheron's interview with Art of VFX. It's a MUST READ that details the creation of Gotham, Doomsday, and how the fights went down:

"For CG scenes, we recorded the actors’ performances with a helmet mounted camera with tracking markers on their face. Dan Zelcs and his rigging team developed new tools and techniques allowing us to maximize the use of all the real world data we had captured. It was the key to not only make good looking digital characters, but to maintain the likeness to the actors at all time."


IGN also published a great interview today. They got a chance to talk to director Zack Snyder, about what some see as a key plot hole in Batman v Superman. If you thought Supes was dark, you're gonna want to hear what scene got cut from the movie (that we now really want to see in the director's version). CHECK IT OUT.

We don't know about you, but after learning all these cool details we're headed back to the theater to try and catch even more Easter eggs we might have missed ahead of next week's Justice League production start.

Batman v Superman is expected to come out on top this weekend at the box office, and Bloomberg has a breakdown on the latest numbers:

"Warner Bros. executives say they’re pleased with the performance of the film and wouldn’t have announced two more DC pictures this week if they weren’t. The movie is poised to become one of just 50 or so to cross $300 million at the domestic box office. Their boss, Time Warner Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes, has said 2016 will be a turnaround year for the studio’s film division."

Go Supes!


  1. SO COOL! I would love to be part of Justice Leauge or work on something of this magnitude. Great work! just shows how much hard work the actors & crew involved play a huge part in putting it all together. Love it!

  2. I'm worried about Henry's hairline. He's the best Superman we got but is the studios going to continue to let his hairline recede?

    1. No need to worry!

    2. Yeah I think if it's a concern talks will be held. Many guys hairline recede due to age really think there's nothing to worry about. Henry himself has stated his hair is really think and tricky.

    3. *Thick* sorry typo

  3. Many guys hairlines recede doesn't mean they'll loss their hair. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. These pictures are amazing! Can't wait for JL to see our Henry again.

  4. Henry you really are just so amazing! I really hope the future ahead is really BRIGHT! Can't wait for JL and all the future DC films. More Good Henry and Clois loved them felt for Lois when Kal passed :(


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