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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Batman v Superman: Interview Wrap, Part 3 (Domestic, International)

Henry says he's ready for more of Supes!

Batman v Superman is now out in theaters, and the interviews from the press tour keep coming in. IGN just published their junket coverage and it brought exciting news (make Man of Steel 2 happen, DC).

Watch/read everything up until now (as much as we could catch anyway) from the U.S. press junket. 

Sky Movies: Batman v Superman cast and director Zack Snyder discuss the film.

We'll keep adding more as we find/get them.


  1. hahaha! eat all the pies you want and you'll be ok LOL!!!! nice one Henry!
    Thanks for reminding the rest of us that sometimes motivation is in the form of a pie :)
    Thanks HCN for all the new updates! looking forward to seeing what this new smartphone launch is all about :)

    1. We're also very excited about Henry's involvement in that tech launch. And it's great to see Man of Steel 2 back in the conversation!

    2. So great! I was wondering if MOS 2 was going to happen :) so happy that they are going to do it!!!!! yay more Henry time at the movies!!!!!!! and more Superman for us all! LOL!!!!! so pumped!

  2. So excited to hear MOS2 is going to happen!! You can never have to much of Superman!!

    1. amen to that! more Superman is always good! :)


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