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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fit Superman: Henry Hangs Out With Fans At LA Restaurant

"littlemizfit: Oh you know. Just Chillen with superman after a fight with Batman
@henrycavill #superman#henrycavill #batmanvssuperman #heissofuckinggorgeous #handsomeman #helpmesuperman #loislane #ilovemyjobsometimes"

Lucky Amber had a chance to take this pic with Henry when he showed up with friends at the restaurant where she works Thursday night.

Thanks for sharing. She wasn't the only one who got to hang out with Supes.

via zacccatone on IG

A photo posted by Nick Swardson (@realnickswardson) on

Henry arrived in LA on Tuesday, after wrapping up the Batman v Superman press tour. Justice League is set to begin filming a week from Monday.


  1. Oh my, why is he in La when every one else is in England, maybe he just needs a rest, enjoy Henry good luck for Jl..your awesome.

    1. He lives in England so even if he weren't filming he could relax there. I'm sure he is in LA for a good reason.

  2. I really hope he appears on Ellen Degeneres one day!!!

  3. Their so lucky! I was at the London premiere saw the whole cast of BvS and couldn't get a pic :(((( someday it will happen someday lol. I hope he's having fun he deserves it! I too hope he appears on Ellen maybe with the cast of JL Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  4. Oml he's instagram is almost at 1mil follows. :D

  5. Lucky, lucky people! Someday I hope I get a picture with him ... Dream come true!

  6. Yes, it must be a very joyful evening to see Superman and took picture with him.

  7. Snd his tongue comes out again.... 😆


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