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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Huawei Promo: New Photos & Interview From Shanghai

We've been keeping you updated on everything Huawei, since Henry was announced as the P9 spokesperson earlier this month. This weekend he was in Shanghai and the pics keeping coming, along with a great new interview that you can't miss!

Henry's fans @primula87_tmblr and @super_merLUNA have been kind enough to share the pics and helped us translate the articles for us to pass on to you. Thank you so much.

UPDATE 4/18: WATCH PART OF HENRY'S INTERVIEW HERE (he mentions training for Justice League). Read the rest below.

A few more photos from the shoot with Mario Testino via Sina Style

In his new interview, Henry talks about the Batman v Superman fan reception, what it means for him to play Supes and the growth of the character on screen, and teases some upcoming projects!

Read the translated article below.  

(Please credit @primula87_tumblr and @super_merLUNA if you repost).

Interview with Henry Cavill: Hope the Superman label will always stick with me.

Batman v Superman has recently passed USD $300 million at the U.S. box office, taking the no.13 spot for the most successful comic book movies.

There's no denying the star power of the world's biggest CB superheroes 'facing off' each other on the big screen with DC & Marvel in the box office market.

The very in-demand newest Superman, Henry Cavill, arrived in Shanghai for the launch of his latest endorsement with the chinese brand.

On the big screen, Henry Cavill has this Apollo-ish macho man image, but off screen, he's lively and friendly. So much so, that he initiated taking the pic with the reporter after the interview.

On stage, he shared with the audience all the sights & sounds at the Chinese night market he visited. He said: "The enthusiasm of the Chinese fans was beyond his imagination. And your enthusiasm gives me strength."

Following Man of Steel, this is the second time Henry has played Superman & his love for the character is evident during the interview.

Reporter: what is most satisfying when you are playing Superman? Looking back, what do you think can be improved?

HC: The most satisfying thing is I absolutely love this role, it gives me the chance, through charities & my other work, to help other people understand this character. In order to introduce this character to brand new audiences, there has to be a revolutionary change. Right now, we have two movies that made that change. We see the character grow. It's not easy. Hopefully in the near future there will be more opportunities for more comic cook characters.

Rep: Do you have any expectations for Batman v Superman's box office and will you be celebrating it?

HC: I think any movies with Batman, Superman, such popular characters in it, expectations are there. Thanks to the fans, the box office has been great. We are all very happy. Celebrations? We are all very busy at the moment, so there's no celebrations yet. But who's to say? Ben and I might start a party and celebrate.

Rep: Do you wish you could be invincible in real life?

HC: Of course, it's great if you can help someone. You feel good too. I'll always try to do my best. What Superman stands for is what drives me. No matter who you are, we all have good in us to help others. I think we should all try. Even if it doesn't look like you can reach your target now, maybe one day you will achieve it.

Rep: You have played Superman twice now, will you continue playing the role?

HC: I enjoyed playing this character especially when I get the chance to show all the things that Superman represents in the comic books. Ideally, I wish to continue playing Superman.

Rep: How do you feel about being labeled as Superman?

HC: Of course I hope the label sticks with me & hope I get to play him for many more years to come, but there's just so many roles out there. I hope I get to try other roles.

Rep: The Superman you played is very elegant. In private, are you also a gentleman?

HC: I hope I am. I wanna be elegant & be a gentleman. I try. Sometimes it's not possible, same for Superman. But I try my best to be a gentleman.

Rep: Will you ever consider working with a Chinese director?

HC: Zhang Yimou, he's an exceptional director, I would love to work with him.

Rep: right now as Superman, you seem to have found your footing in Hollywood. Will you continue your career there or go back 2 the UK?

HC: Considering the current movie industry, I don't necessary think that there's a line between Hollywood, UK or China, they can be one. You can be in different countries working with different people. I love working with Brits, Chinese & of course the Hollywood guys. Like the vast ocean, I feel there's no need for me to choose where to go to advance my career.

Rep: Do you have any upcoming projects?

HC: There are indeed some, but they're not concrete yet. There are plans. I'm doing some things, I'm a producer and an actor, there are a lot of tasks to do. Hope you will all get to see in a few years.

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