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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Huawei Releases Video With Highlights From P9 London Launch

It's been three weeks, since Huawei launched its P9 in London. Today the company released a video with highlights from the event, and Henry is featured heavily since he is the brand's ambassador. So far the campaign has brought us tons of new pics, videos, and interviews. Watch this space for the very latest!  


A few more caps via @Primula87_Tmblr


  1. I'd love to have one of those phones. I've got a new grand daughter and my Samsung takes terrible pictures.

  2. is P9 even in the market for sale now?? just bought a samsung s7.... it shld hold up till i get my hands on P9! LOL - kat

    1. It is available for pre-order in some markets, yes.

  3. I'm going to buy this phone it looks great! and i love taking pictures. Ahhhh Henry I hope my future husband has the same amount of manners that you have. You're such a gent! :)


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