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Saturday, April 9, 2016

'Justice League' Castmates Hang Out In London

We admit to fangirling hard right now. VERY. VERY. HARD.

Justice League filming starts Monday!


  1. Yes, great to see these three guys hanging out together. Can't wait to see them on the big screen.

  2. They are doing it right.
    Greetings from Germany (with a glass of wine) ;)

  3. Awww they look adorable! So excited Can't wait so looking forward to JL :D

  4. Is henry sitting on ray's lap?

  5. Lol I doubt it! I think he's just closer to get into the picture with Ray & Jason. Can't wait for a full JL picture of the cast together. So happy it's being filmed in London at least Henry can get to and from work without long flights. Good luck guys! and girls! #TeamJuctice

  6. 3 very handsome men! Don't care what everyone said about BvS I loved it! so different from Marvel which is great as I like the contrast both univerese have. I heard that right now DC is in it's darkest stages before the Dawn brighter things coming our way soo. :D

    1. Love DC rn but hate Marvel(avengers/captain america) for killing spiderman costume.

  7. DC rules! Sorry but I like the direction they've taken. Those that hated the film clearly don't understand the universe too well. Before the happy and bright DC world there's a darker side to it! Marvel can stay happy and bright and all that but I'm going to support DC to the end as it's the better and more realistic comic book world.

  8. Marvel is the same every film. Lame one liners, Simalar story. Cival war is only going to be sucessful because Spiderman and Black panther star in it. People call it the avengers movie but it's a Cap America film. funny!

  9. ;p caso resuelto ni se menciona. Have fun!


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