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Monday, April 11, 2016

'JL' Production Update, Supes Gets 'Suicide Squad' Shoutout

Us, waiting for Warner Bros. to announce filming has begun.

We did get an important update via the funny Batman v Superman cinematographer, Larry Fong. On Sunday he held an informal Q&A on twitter, where he confirmed that Fabian Wagner is the cinematographer for Justice League.

Collider has a bit more on Wagner's credentials..

While we wait for official news on Justice League, which may come as the studio gets ready to present its 2016 slate at CinemaCon tomorrow..

check out Supes getting a shoutout in the new Suicide Squad trailer.

We love our DC cinematic family!



  1. Can't wait for this to start filming. BvS was such a tease in what Supes is capable of. And if they follow the same vein as in the comics, Supes is supposed to be stronger when he's resurrected.

    1. SO ready for news to start coming in. Hype!

  2. Can't wait I was literally like :O when I heard superman's name. Would be kinda cool to see him at least fly by. So i take it this may have been before BVS. Can't wait #TeamDCAllTheWay!!! Just want to see a JL cast Photo or something. :D


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