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Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Anniversary Supes, Henry Training "Brutally Hard" For 'Justice League'

78 years ago today, "The Superman" was introduced to the world via Action Comics #1.. (thanks for the heads up @LaFortalezaSole).

Lucky for us, we have Henry representing the iconic character on the big screen... because we couldn't have asked for a better Supes.

Superman is the best of us in the sense that he has gone through all the trials and tribulations of slings and arrows of growth. Of being hated, of not being wanted.. of wanting to do the everything for humanity and not being able to achieve it, being disappointed in himself and still coming back fighting every time.

We fully expect Supes to fight his way back from death in Justice League, and just a few days ago Henry updated us on the progress of his training for the role.

He talked a bit more about it, while in China representing Huawei as their new P9 ambassador.

Henry says he's been training "very hard" to become Supes again. But his trainer, Mike Blevins, tells us "brutally hard might be more accurate."

Bring it ON, Superman!


  1. He's so sweet! I love how he side steps the question about JL & so sweetly shared what he's doing. I don't think he loosing his Superman body ever, how can he when he's Superman <3

  2. I hope that he will get other roles besides Superman. Superman seems like it could take years and years of his time.

    1. Me too. I think Henry is a great actor and has a lot going for him not just acting i believe he'll be a good director and producer in the future and may direct other projects. I kinda wanted him to make up a superhero yes i know you're superman but the others made me laugh especially Amy and Ben's XD

  3. Translation for Twitter message by LaFortaleza ‎9:43 AM - 18 Apr 2016 by Rebecca
    On this day in 1938 #Superman appeared in Action Comics No. 1 everything else is history. #FelizLunes pic.twitter.com/Xicss6A2DJ


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