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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Behind The Scenes: Huawei Shares New HQ Pics

"A day in the life of Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill, seen through the Leica dual lens of the ‪#‎HuaweiP9‬. Reinvent smartphone photography.‪#‎OO‬"

Huawei has shared new pics/caps from the making of the hot P9 ad released Friday (it seems there is more to come). See the rest of the photos at Huawei's FB.


  1. Great pictures, Henry looking dashing as always. I really admire him he's talented in so many areas. I wish him nothing but all the very best in the future. Zack I hope you're taking note of how we would love to see Clark look in JL LOL!!!!! happy Sunday to all at HCN :)


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