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Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Huawei Promo Photo, Short New Scene, Shanghai HQ Pics

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The new Huawei P9 promo photos keep popping up, this latest one posted on their Portugal Instagram (Henry is wearing the TalkBand B3). The company has also released the official TV ad, and while it's shorter than the one shown in China, it does include a new quick scene..

This lucky fan got his poster signed by Henry!

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Fans have also been sharing their pics of the P9 promo billboards that have been spotted in Milan, London, and Madrid.

A photo posted by @flyingrobben on

Finally, here are some more great HQ pics from the Shanghai event last week. Look for the latest on Henry's new ad campaign for Huawei as we get it.

Presentation photos via/Primula87_tumblr -- Fan pics/via.  

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