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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Henry's 'Durrell Challenge' Fundraising Page Is Up!

The Durrell Challenge is almost here, and Henry's fundraising page is up! (thanks to jojosk77 for letting us know).

It includes this new message from him:

"Looking forward to doing ‘The Durrell Challenge 2016’ with you guys. Training has started already for the 13k road race and is going well."

Henry shared this fun video of his training for the race, while he was in New York promoting Batman v Superman last month.

You still have time to join him on May 15: Everything you need to know is at doitfordurrell.com.

If you can't be there, here's Henry's fundraising page again. Leave him a message, cheer him on, Durrell is a wonderful charity backed by a dedicated ambassador.

Hope to see you in Jersey!


  1. Good luck Henry and to everyone taking part! Wishing you all the very best.

  2. Dear Mr.Cavill God bless you always, great charity, as you take care of the species that cannot speak for themselves, love you and your work, disappointed that cannot make it to the event but, will be there with you in spirit, love from Miss Valie Fernandez.

  3. Good luck Henry I'm sure you'll do us all proud :-) And just seen you've raised over £500 already just in a couple of days, that's amazing. Well on your way to reaching your target and beyond with another month to go. Good luck to yourself and to everyone who's donated and taking part too, you're all amazing also :-)

  4. Well done Henry and forget what the silly naysayers are saying on other sites. The page has only been open a few days and he's already raised so much, it isn't pathetic. Are they donating or taking part themselves? Probably not. A friendly reminder.. the justgiving page isn't the only means of donating to the cause, I'm sure Henry has been sopnsored more in other ways too. We will see at the end of the challenge. It's funny how people are quick to put someone or something down.

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