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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Supes Starting To Take Shape: 'Justice League' Training Update

Henry is gonna kill it..

Cheering for you #TeamSupes!

Around this time last year, we had the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Henry's trainer. Michael Blevins talked to us about what it takes to get Henry ready to put on the Superman suit and more. Don't miss it.

Supes is not the only one getting buff as we speak. Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman has been sharing his own updates (and apparent Justice League teasers) on Instagram along with Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg.

Any day now, we should be getting official word that Justice League has started filming. C'mooon, WB!


  1. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supes is back :D

  2. No gloves? your poor hands Henry

    1. He doesn't need gloves he's SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!! lol okay well a good hand cream after Mr cavill. You've inspired me to hit the gym now.

    2. Now I'm feeling quite lazy...thanks, Mr. Cavill. :/


  3. Haha!!!! you are my Superman. You've taken Supes to new heights. I love how you've been able to humanise him. I've never felt a connection to superman before. Watching MOS and even BvS I just wanted to give him a massive hug. I hope that the future films we get to see him happier. I also noticed that when you were in the comic store you picked up the superman wedding album comic :O do I see a wedding for Clois in the future. :D Good luck to you, the other cast mates and crew. Great job keep your heads up

  4. Word is that when Superman comes back he's stronger, wiser and knows what he needs to do now. I really hope this is true, watching BvS showed that Superman held back a lot that he can snap like he did in MOS and Zod's neck. I would love to see the Black and Silver suit worn in the comics and animated film. I'm looking forward to seeing the team growing and bringing something extremly special to the team. I want to see how bada** Supes can be. I want to see Aquaman doing some great things I mean the ocean is his domain. Wonder woman representing thw women and showing the men how it's done. I would like a romance between Bruce and Diana. I'm looking forward to seeing Ray as cyborg he's great for the team and knowledge is his power so he might have some real important things to keep the team in the loop. Bats I hope we see more investigation from him. Erza Miller as flash I'm actually excited to see him in the movie I think he's going to bring some cuteness in the team and a couple of jokes. Looking forward to seeing Lois lane back on screen I just love how supportive she is towards Clark. And of course Amber Heard as Mera such be interesting to as she's aquaman's love. Can't wait for SQ in august. Wonder Woman in June 2017 and then JL in Nov 2017 arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! so much to look forward too.

  5. No way does getting in shape for Superman look fun. Henry claims to like the physical training, or so he says. Personally, I don't see how anyone could enjoy it. Good for him that he is up for this.


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