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Sunday, April 10, 2016

'Batman v Superman' Promo: Magazine Roundup

From what we can tell, the 'Batman v Superman Official Movie Magazine' is a must-have!

We had shared a preview a few weeks ago, and today @SergioEES posted a few more new Supes and Clark photos included in the magazine (click on his bio to see the non-Henry pics) that also features interviews with the cast and crew.

Again, here are more details and a link to order your own copy.

These new photos below, are part of a Batman v Superman promo shoot that's been showing up in different publications 1/2.

River let us know about these latest ones (thank you!) and @FiftyShadesAS shared with us the HQ versions. Really appreciate it you guys.

Here's the interview with Ben and Henry in Spanish, we're hoping to get it translated for you soon.

This month Henry is also on the cover of Indonesia's 'Best Life' magazine. Look for updates, as more interviews come in.

All images: WB Pictures

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  1. Okay I'm still breathing. I would so love to hug Henry seeing him in the flesh a few weeks back just makes me realise how GOOD LOOKING he is. Amy Adams wasn't joking! I would hug Supes too I love him he's the best hero personally. I just hope we get to see more of the hero in the future and more clois!


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