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Monday, April 4, 2016

Henry Teases New Ad Campaign With Tech Giant 'Huawei'

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We knew Henry was working on something exciting with Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, when new photos came out detailing his visit to their Shanghai Institute during the Batman v Superman press tour.

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Now he's just started the countdown to the big reveal!

Find out more and sign up for updates at consumer.huawei.com/oo

UPDATE: Details are starting to trickle in about the reported P9 launch event in London on Wednesday.

PC Advisor:

Still set on conquering the smartphone market, Huawei is about to launch a new flagship phone for 2016 to take on the Galaxy S7LG G5 and eventually the iPhone 7. (..)

Most of the Huawei P flagship phones have been launched in London and new phone is no different with a launch event taking place in Battersea Park – in the same venue which LG used for the G4 incidentally.


As we saw in a redacted leak yesterday, the Huawei P9 isn’t explicitly mentioned, but the “#OO” and “change the way you see the world” very much hints at a dual camera setup, which has been shown off in previously leaked real-life images of the smartphone. The images showed a device with the aforementioned rear cameras, square fingerprint sensor, laser autofocus and dual LED flash plus a USB Type C port on the bottom.

Other rumored specifications include a Kirin 950 processor and 3GB RAM (955 and 4GB in the Premium model) as well as a 1080p resolution 5.2-inch display built in to an all-metal body with slim bezels. We’re also expecting to see a huge ‘Max’ phablet, and a more affordable Lite model of the P9.

PC Advisor goes on to say that the Huawei P9 launch event will start at 2pm UK time.

More to come.


  1. Could this possibly be for some kind of video game?

    1. Taking a look at some of the material they've posted, it seems like it's a new smart phone. But they also compete with Apple and Samsung in the tablet market http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/02/huawei-matebook-hands-on-the-ipad-pro-and-surface-just-got-served/ -- It's not clear to what extent Henry is involved in promoting their products. But we'll find out soon!

    2. "Yu also revealed that the company will be releasing some virtual reality (VR) devices this year, including a headset and a flagship phone that will support the technology."

      This could also be it. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/21/mwc16-huawei-beat-apple-in-smartphones-in-3-years-matebook.html

  2. Does anyone know if this company is the 2nd person Henry is following on his instagram account! That would be cool if it is :)

  3. Thanks for letting me know HCN and for the amazing job you do!!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment and your Henry support. It's much appreciated.

    2. You are most welcome, Henry deserves all the support in the world and so do you for all the hard work you do <3

  4. I'm happy he enjoys playing games lol. The phone sounds cool. I hope he plays this game when announcing He Is 007. Love Him!!

  5. Its a great blog.Henry is one of my favorite actor.This blog help me to know him perfectly.Thanks for sharing.


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