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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Photographer John Russo Shares 'Shortlist' Magazine Outtake

You've seen it in black and white, and now photographer John Russo has shared the color version of Henry's photo for Shortlist. You can find everything else from the chic shoot in our wrap, including more hot outtakes and Henry's great interview with the magazine.

Thank you to @primula87_tmblr.


  1. The woman who is the Henry's agent ( sorry, I don't know her name ), should send this photo to the James Bond direction. Please !!!

  2. No kidding she should.

  3. Omg,exactly what i thought!!!!

  4. I know there will be people who will not agree but Henry should not play Bond it will destroy his career. Look at all other before then after they played Bond.

    1. I'd rather him play a character like bond than a historical period character because that's too common in Hollywood. Bond is a huge franchise and Henry even said he wouldn't mind playing the part, but I also feel where you're coming from.

  5. I respect your opinion but I think it's the opposite. In France, even the success of BvS, nobody knows him. James Bond would send him the notoriety he deserves. That said, the conditions of filming are very hard and we will have no news about Henry during the filming. But Henry is the best actor for Bond. He will send his touch of humor with charm

  6. Henry should play in another Mam from Uncle, brilliant, nicest see his funny side..

  7. I think The Man From Uncle was highly under rated. I would love to see Henry in more of this. This movie for me was pure unadulterated entertainment. I haven't enjoyed a movie so much since seeing this last summer. I would also like to see him as Bond and period dramas as well. Superman is my least favorite role for him. I will see him in Superman roles because it's Henry.

  8. He needs to do a romantic drama


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