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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Henry & Ben On The Cover Of 'Movie Click' Magazine

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The hot photoshoot strikes again. Clark and Bruce are all suited up for the March cover of Movie Click magazine (Caribbean Cinemas), that includes an article on Batman v Superman.

Thanks to Nathaly for sharing this first look.

We can't wait to see what else is coming from this promo shoot!

UPDATE: You can check out the online version of the magazine HERE. It includes a message that reads: "Exclusive Batman v Superman report only available in the print issue of the magazine." This new pic of the DC Trinity comes with it, but in thumbnail size.

Click for HQ

The online article talks about John Desjardin's (Visual Effects Supervisor) comments, on his collaboration with Zack Snyder to bring Batman v Superman to life. (We'll try and get it translated for you).

UPDATE: Our friend Rebecca translated it for us!

Special Effects For Superheroes

After the statements given by John Desjardin, responsible for the special effects of the upcoming 'Batman v Superman,' we can only say that this fight of the superheroes will be impressive and have iconic moments. With statements by Desjardin, he achieved to increase our expectations without revealing anything definitive of the movie, promising only to see ''iconic representations'' and ‘'things never before seen in the movies.’’

''I was working for 'Batman v Superman' just before this interview, a long meeting with Zack looking at a handful of drawings done ​​on his table showing certain iconic representations of...

Well, things that we will try and do. Zack explained to me a couple of weeks before Comic Con he would make the announcement about Batman, and it was exactly as I said. It gave me chills. What I want to achieve with this film is to help Zack tell a version that no one has seen on the big screen and when people see it say ''That's what we've always wanted, but we have not seen yet,'' commented Desjardin.

John Desjardin and Zack Snyder, director of the movie, have already had the opportunity to work together on ''Man of Steel'' and ''Watchmen'' which, of course, had spectacular visual effects. They assure us that our experience with ''Batman v Superman'' will be simply unforgettable.

The print issue is out today, and it's free. We'll share the HQ photos when/if we get them.

Another pic


  1. They both look great! Henry has the edge though ;-) Ben looks a lot like Gene Kelly :-)

  2. Translation for caribbeancinemasrd Instagram message by Rebecca
    Now you can search our March cinemas edition for the film magazine @movieclickmagazine FREE! You can see it online at caribbeancinemasrd.com/movieclick


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