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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Press Junket Interviews: Day 2

Interviews from day 2 of the The Man from U.N.C.L.E. press junket in London are starting to come in (don't miss everything from Day 1). First up, Henry puts an end to the rumors he's involved in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. WATCH (and read the transcript). UPDATE: He later admitted to USA Today that he was just messing with everyone!

Henry and Armie talk to ScreenSlam about their toughest scene to film (sounds pretty hairy) and more. WATCH.

WATCH Henry.. err really Armie and Elizabeth, try and tell CNN what U.N.C.L.E. is all about in less than three minutes. (We promise, Henry does speak in there).

The Movie Times: Henry talks about "Americanizing his accent" (started out as Clark Gable), his favorite car to drive in the film, why doing his own stunts is not always the best option. WATCH.

Trailer Addict has shared more of the EPK interview (above), and it's full of cool details. Henry talks about filming in those suits he wore and why it wasn't that easy and more! - WATCH.


  1. Thank goodness! I was pretty sure he had better judgement than to latch on to a bad franchise and such terrible plot and writing, and I'm glad to have that hunch confirmed! (Sorry to any Fifty Shades lovers out there, but those stories are baaad).

  2. Oh I don't believe he's not doing them, he's still playing the coy thing --which I love (well, hope)!!! I would love to see him in that role. Having read all three books, it would really be nice to see him come to the films. Also, this would be a fantastic role to add to his portfolio, something that would demonstrate his diverse abilities. He's great in the period- pieces, but I think he's got more to show. Stretch your naughty wings Henry, we will be watching!

  3. He's far too good to play that role. why would he?

    1. Has nothing to do with his person. He is an actor, it's just acting relax. Him playing that role does NOT change who he really is!!! Get over it already! Stop limiting him! I'm so tiered of you obsessive fans trying to control his every move!

    2. Yea really get over it. I hope he does do it! I would love to see him play something other than a hero! Go Henry do what ever you want! We your true fans who love you - Not control you will support anything you do!

    3. How dare you say he would not be a good person if he did fifty shades, are you crazy? He is still Henry for goodness sake's! Get over yourself! Henry is still Henry no matter what role he plays. Jeez really do you hear yourself.

    4. Amen (hand up in the air) thank you. Some people take fandom to far!

  4. I agree River and the rest of the pro-Henry is his own person fans. Henry is a actor, his job is to act! That means in any role good or bad. His job does not change who he is! Enough with the stupid 50 shades of lame obsession! I'm happy he pulled everyones legs on the subject serves you crazsies right! Henry I will support you in whatever you do!


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