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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Henry Arrives In San Diego, Zack Snyder Surprises Hall H Crowd, TheDay Is Here!

The day is here, and so is the man!

Henry was spotted last night in San Diego, ahead of his Hall H appearance. @Stylesftlirry's aunt ran into him at dinner and he was kind enough to pose for a pic. UPDATE: Full photo now in.

And Henry wasn't the only one out and about..

Leave it to Zack to surprise fans in the middle of the night!

We are in San Diego ready to bring you updates from the Warner Brothers presentation set to begin at 10:30 am PT. - Henry will take part in the Batman v Superman panel, as well as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. one. At some point he's also signing autographs at the DC booth. Follow us on twitter for the very latest, and look for a wrap a little later.

Time to bring down the house, Henry Cavill!

Pic via impossibleschemes.


  1. Dear Henry,good luck at the Comic Con in San Diego <3 I love you

  2. Ditto Evik! (y) :) Everything & Everyone is looking FAWESOME for tomorrow!
    Love seeing Henry, Zack & the Batmobile & Fans...
    Thanks for sharing, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3
    HENRY...<3 <3 <3 U :D

  3. Henry is looking so HOTT as usual! I Love Head to Toe Photos! Best of Luck to him, even thou he doesn't need it; He's going to ROCK The House! Thanks so much HCN's for your great coverage!

    1. He's going to own that stage! - Thank you so much.

  4. Can't Breathe!!!! so excited for you right not HCN!!!! Henry will rock that stage alright! and he looks great! can't wait to see the wrap from this weekend! go gettem" HCN!!!! you got this!


    1. Daniela, you're really the best. I don't know how HCN gets so lucky to have people like you comment on the blog, but thank you so much for everything/your support for Henry. It really means the world to HCN. Hope we did okay! xx

  5. We are waiting for you Henry! You will be so perfect as always! My brain tells: "Brace yourself... the wrap is coming"


    1. He did amazing! but I don't think any of us ever doubted that. Thank your for your comment x


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