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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stylish Solo, Premiere Contest, More Love For U.N.C.L.E.

Another day closer to the release of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., another killer still. This one nearly did us in. #StylishSolo

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Henry stood out in that London Comic-Con crowd this weekend! (along with Armie). Nice job with the banners, Warner Brothers UK. ;)  

Today also brings news of a new contest to win tickets to the premiere of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 

We're guessing it's for the potential London one, but there has been no confirmation from the studio on where the actual world premiere (and other ones) will take place. Just yesterday a Madrid, Spain theater chain announced it is holding a premiere on August 2nd. The only confirmed cast appearance so far, is by Henry and Armie who will be traveling to Brazil to promote the film there. Stay tuned!

How cool does Armie look on that bike?.. 

"Off-road and on the run. ‪#‎ManFromUNCLE‬"

Not as cool as Solo taking a dip! 

We are really enjoying all the promotional material being released by Warner Bros. Keep it coming!

"Sunglasses can’t hide pure evil. ‪#‎ManFromUNCLE‬"

The people have spoken.. and the movie is not even out yet.. 

And the posters are popping up in the coolest places!

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Solo, your fans are ready for you. Do your thing.

Image: rachy.b

P.S. The press junket is happening SOON. #NewInterviews #GoofyHenry #Yaaasss


  1. Glad to hear and see all the great buzz for Man From Uncle. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Henry on the big screen again and looking at the cool 60's fashion the actors got to wear

    1. The costumes are beautiful. And we're over the moon thanks to the awesome buzz the film is getting!

  2. HCN thank you very much for this! It looks so cool, sexy and so much fun. Can't wait till August!

  3. We are so happy to see all the promotion everywhere. We always knew this film was going to be a hit and now everyone is about to confirm it. Thank *you* for your Henry support. Truly appreciate it.

  4. He should be making more movies right now! What happend with the producers? We will never have enough of this creature. What a beautiful... BEAUTIFUL human being!!!



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