Sunday, July 5, 2015

Groove Music Festival, Day 2: Fans Loving Henry In Ireland!

@aine_nolan: "What a beautiful man, Superman"

AnitaNolan11: "Chilling with Superman"

@noel_smth "thanks for the photo henry" 

Ready for round two?

Henry has been hanging out with fans in and around the Groove Music Festival outside of Dublin. And he's back today! 

Sarahob02: "Met Superman today!!!! #hangingout #celebrity #moviestar" 

Image: @BatmanJodie

Nice to see Henry having some fun before he heads down to San Diego next weekend for more fun (of the crazy Comic-Con variety). Catch up on everything from Ireland so far.

And see, we're not the only ones taking a shot at guessing why Henry is in Ireland. is wondering the same thing.

Laura Dickey making Henry goofy (thank you!)

@Setantacoach: "Thanks Henry Cavill, you made my daughters' day...and my sister was a little pleased too! #superman"


"Just chillen with Superman" via carolannehannon

Image: robyndlyonzz

bootski_camp: Not every day you meet Superman! #totallysmitten"

 Image: apsmaher

@ewa_mo: "So lovely meeting our superhero Henry Cavill at Groove Festival"

 via Morena_K_official

Wendy_Walsh_ "Lois and Clark aka Wendy and Henry"

lorrking: "Look who I met at #groovefestival2015 #superman #swooncity #hottiealert"

If at first you don't succeed..

Thank you pamelas_mobile_barbers!

hellylong: "Hanging with Superman #nobigdeal" 

sokkie91 "Casual Sunday drinks with the man himself #Superman #HenryCavill

UPDATE: The Daily Mail  shared a few more great shots! 

via Just Jared -- Click for larger size

More new pics (and a few of the same ones, now in HQ) via.

As always, you guys are just very happy to see him (so are we).

Thank you @Cavillsworth x


  1. Thanks all the fans! from Ireland you are the best ! I watched all the pics absolutely amazing ! Thanks HCN for update,Good evening from Prague ! <3

    1. Thank you for always being so amazing and supportive. Have a good night xx

  2. Lots of love for our Henry,and big Thanks for his time for all the fans,he is gorgeous Gentleman with good heart and lovely face ! <3

  3. Totaly agree with you Evík. A very good week-end. Henry surprises me another time. He goes to his festival like ordinary people. He is realy a wonderful men. And yes I want the blue hoodie. I have the green but the blue becomes essential.

  4. Wow...Another day of beautiful pics in Ireland. It's great to see everyone having a nice, relaxed weekend. :) Thanks so much for sharing, Henry, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3 Wish I was there!
    Henry <3 <3 <3 U :D Thank you. XO

  5. Amazing! Loving all the amazing pics! Thank you to all the fans that were lucky enough to meet him and sharing all your beautiful pics! Smoking hot I tell you! Sigh 3 times....
    I<3HenrysCoolKidSmile XX

  6. love all the shared seeing him sit on ground & relax. sad to see the cigarette is back. :(

    1. That cigarette has put me right off!!!! Oh Henry how i loved you!��

    2. Ok, i'll forgive him for the cigarette!! Still love him��

  7. I really appreciate that he is not, evidently, a clothes horse. I like that he wears the same reliable casual clothes regularly. I think it's a really good mentality to have, especially for someone who has the funds to be a clothes horse but chooses not to be. He has his nice formal wear, but I am loving that his casual wear is unaffected and down to earth. We should all be like this--so often, we buy clothes and other things "just because," but when you think about it, what we need is often very simple.

  8. He’s so hotttt!! What he does in his personal life does not make me like him any less. It is his life and as a fan of Henry, I have no right to pass any judgement on his personal habits. If he wants to smoke, drink, get tattoos, hang out in bars every night or date someone of a different race; who cares its his life. As a fan, I will continue to give him my support, regardless of his personal choices.


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