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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Henry Talks Cooking With Dates, Drinking While Chopping Wood, Oh Yeah.. & Superman & Solo!

Ruben's interview for The Philippine Daily Inquirer at The Man from U.N.C.L.E. junket in London is a MUST READ. Henry talks everything from the work that went into getting Solo's accent just right, to how much he enjoys playing Superman, to chopping wood with Armie at Guy Ritchie's home (and we know how that went).

He also talks about his perfect date. It involves cooking and staying in. Don't miss it.

UPDATE (7/30): Part 2 is in and you REALLY want to read it. Henry talks heartbreak, integrity, what attracts him to a woman, and so much more. Wow. #ThanksForOpeningUp #SweetestMan


  1. I am pleased that Henry has many proposals of work, will be a real pleasure to see more and better films. He deserves it!

  2. He really deserves it! He is such a precious soul. I wish him all the best...and of course...love...I hope so much, that he will find a great and strong woman who understands, values and protects him.

    Best wishes Vicky

  3. Henry is a real man and he is my ideal man!!!even though im a married women i really adore him a lot specially when i read or watch video about his life i cant take my eyes of him and really love this man.. how i wish i was single!!!hahaha

  4. My heart don't deceive me why I love Henry. He is really an amazing person. I like his opinion about what woman he like. Straightforward but true, I agree! Appreciate that he upholds and value his integrity as person. He is really a cool person. I like a man who appreciate his parents, brothers and close friends. Love you Henry! LOL! Forgive me but you give me joy everyday aside from my family!


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