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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hot Henry Alert: Someone Has A New Smokin' Hairstyle!

"lucalvani: That Night Henry took me around Town... #LondOn #GoodFriends#InspiriTour #Gratitude"

Speechless. We'll come back to you when we recover. NEW HAIRCUT!!!!

(5 minutes later..)

Okay, we'd like to give Henry's The Man from U.N.C.L.E. costar Luca Calvani, a HUGE thank you for breaking this hair news today. And this too..

-->> cavillconservation.com.  Enjoy your time together you guys!

P.S. -- Henry watch your back. Remember he beat you in the movie.

P.S. #2 -- Is this your way of punking us Henry?... well??!! ;)


  1. So stinkin' cute! I like his hair short or curly. This will do nicely.

    I wonder if it's for something. A new role that we don't know about?

    1. I hope it's for a new role.

      He really does look adorable.

  2. loving the hair cut! looking good Solo!
    Daniela :)

  3. Two handsome men in one pic. Now that is going to raise the temperature in the room.

    1. Two beautiful creatures of God!

  4. This is such a youthful look. I love it. Can really see all of that beautiful face.

  5. The new haircut puts me in mind of Peaky Blinders. Would love to see Henry back in a period piece, but one with PUNCH like Peaky Blinders! YES, PLEASE.

  6. Translation for Twitter message by Salomé 11:00 PM - 28 Jul 2015 by Rebecca
    Calm down Cavill! This is not the way...

  7. Translation for Twitter message by Saleth 11:48 PM - 28 Jul 2015 by Rebecca
    This man knows no limits twitter.com/HenryCavillNews…

  8. Translation for Twitter message by vinicius 11:42 PM - 28 Jul 2015 by Rebecca
    I can not stand it anymore twitter.com/HenryCavillNews…
    11:42 PM - 28 Jul 2015

  9. HENRY...<3 <3 <3 U :D

  10. There is all in this picture. Thank you Mister for sharing. His big smile the one I prefer. A good and completely unwaited surprise : a new haircut. I like when he surprises us like that. The comeback of his young air. He is adorable. His youthfulness. Thumbs up, I like. And the Durrell hoodie. I have received mine and the t-shirt yesterday. I love them. Thank you Henry for all the joy you give to us. You are adorable with this new haircut.

  11. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwt, swoon

  12. Henry looks amazing! Super cute...swoon...Super sigh! Dreamy.
    Thank you Luca Calvani! By the way you are smoking yourself..big wink!
    Thanks HCN love.


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