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Saturday, July 18, 2015

SDCC Awesomeness: Fan Pictures & Videos Of Henry

You didn't really think we were done with everything from Comic-Con right?

Fans are still sharing their videos and pictures from San Diego, and here are the latest ones! 

First up, was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. panel, later followed by interviews at the Hard Rock Hotel. You can find everything else in our wrap.  

A photo posted by Ashley & Hilda (@chixelate) on

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A photo posted by Grant Okubo (@gtokubo) on

Fans have also been sharing their photos from the Batman v Superman panel -- Here is the rest.

A photo posted by Carolina Pineda (@ms__atomicbomb) on

A photo posted by black feathers (@blackfeathers) on

A photo posted by Chris Green (@seegreen1) on

A photo posted by Carmelisa  (@carmelax3) on

And then it was on to the signing, and people have been posting some really cool moments so check them out. Our wrap has everything else.

A video posted by Victor Evans (@victorevans2) on

A photo posted by Chelsea Acosta (@chelsea_acosta) on

A photo posted by Juliana (@juelz_jh) on

A video posted by Julie Duong (@jtduong) on

If you were at Comic-Con and want to share your pictures, please contact us at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. We'd love to show them to the rest of Henry's fans!

A huge thank you to @Cavillsworth xx

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  1. Amazing! It just keeps getting better. Comic Con was insane! Thanks to all the wonderful fans who share there pics and videos, we the poor souls that were not lucky enough to be their really appreciated! XX thanks so much HCN these updates are awesome.

    1. Yes, insane but so worth it! -- River, next year! -- #SoloHenryCanSupersizeComicCon (eeehhh? #hashtag trainee)

    2. Actually good one! He did super size Comic Con! XX
      Hopefully next year:)

    3. Seriously hands down best Comic Con ever! DC Ruled across the board. Congrats to Zack's!


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