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Thursday, July 2, 2015

EW: Comic-Con Issue Features DC Trinity On Cover, New Stills

The moment we've been waiting for is finally here!

A first official look at the DC Trinity, is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con issue (read their preview). The issue also comes with several new awesome stills and new quotes from Henry.

“I like to think that Man of Steel was the perspective of the world from Clark, Kal-El, looking at the world and trying to exist with in it,” says Cavill. “Batman v Superman is definitely more mankind’s perspective of Superman.”

You guys turned out to be very protective of Supes.. 

Also, the truth is out. Of course Batman needs kryptonite to go up against Superman.. (*eye roll*)

If you’re going toe-to-toe with the son of Jor-El, you better come correct. For his climactic rooftop brawl with Superman, Batman outfits himself with a reinforced mech-suit equipped with strength-augmenting armor and, yes, kryptonite. The design resembles the one used for the confrontation between these two in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

As for Zack, the boss is taking it all in stride..

“It’ll be five years by the time the movie comes out,” says Snyder “And then if everything goes to plan it’ll be another five years of Justice League. I’ll be 10 years of superheroes by the end of this.” 

And we'll be here cheering for Henry the entire time!

Congratulations to the talented Batman v Superman set photographer Clay Enos. Check out the captions under the photos on EW's site for all the exclusive details, and stay tuned for the very latest out of San Diego. We're headed that way next week!

UPDATE: Scans via @Steele131.

UPDATE 7/7: New stills now untagged and in HQ


  1. The three of them look gorgeous on the cover of EW. I'm so happy Henry is getting praises for his role of Napoleon Solo by the critics and he is getting attention for Superman again. Can't wait for Comic Con videos and pics.

    1. Thank you for your comment, we are just as excited as you are. We'll try and bring you as many updates from Comic-Con as we can!

  2. Translation for Twitter message by Minionette Fossoway 7:06 PM - 2 Jul 2015 by Rebecca
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