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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Everything From The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Press Junket: Day 1

Here we go!

Look for updates from the press junket for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in London as we get them.

Go Henry!

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And it looks like the cast and crew screening is set!

Make sure to check our interview post, with everything from today. More interviews are scheduled for tomorrow, so look for more photos and details as the press shares them.


  1. hey guys, i've been wondering if there's any information somewhere on how long they'll be doing these junkets in london, which cities are next and when etc.? I'm a huge admirer of Henry's work in both film and charity and I've been waiting forever to get a chance for an autograph. thanks so much in advance xx

    1. Hi! - Sorry, we don't give out specific details on these events unless they are made public (if we even know). But your best bet for an autograph would probably be attending one of his premieres. Henry is really good about trying to get to as many fans as possible. Having said that, specific on the promo tour are not out yet. But keep checking back, if that info becomes available publicly, we'll be sharing it. Thanks for your comment, and good luck meeting Henry!

  2. Translation for Instagram message of oscarpetit by Rebecca
    Impossible to take a serious picture with my friend #armiehammer always clowning and making faces instead look hahahaha face serious #henrycavill (it's the same Superman) ... both in London promoting a new movie #manfromuncle @manfromuncle of @wbpictures directed by @guyritchie great movie August 14th premiere ... Soon details in @elgordoylaflaca @henrycavilllatinfans #henrycavillorg #henrycavillfanpage #movies #hollywood #hollywoodstar #films #actors #napoleonsolo

  3. Translation for Maity Interiano 1:08 AM - 22 Jul 2015 by Rebecca
    Today's assignment: interviewing cast #ManfromUNCLE #ArmieHammer #HenryCavill Interviews soon on @DespiertaAmeric pic.twitter.com/fiYluuM7Xt


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