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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Fierce Supes In Wayne Manor: New 'Batman v Superman' Pics

Batman v Superman is featured in Empire's September issue (here's the awesome cover), and they just released these new photos with Henry looking fierce as Supes in Wayne Manor! (possibly shot here).

First up is Cavill's Supes, looking like, a) he's inside the burnt-out ruins of Wayne Manor, and b) he's not there to measure it out for new soft furnishing. Below is his adversary, for the majority of the movie at least, in Affleck's Batman. Note the almost medieval shape of the Bat armour, designed to level the playfield when he's exchanging blows with Kal-El. The Bat signal - a legacy from the Commissioner Gordon era - is now being used to lure in Superman for a mighty set-to.

Check out the rest of the preview, and stand-by for the rest. The issue hits newsstands on Thursday.

It's awesome to see that you guys are just as excited as we are, to watch Henry as Supes once again on the big screen!

And remember all that talk during pre-production on whether or not he'd have THE curl..


Henry trained for months to achieve his Superman body in Batman v Superman, and we have to give a shout-out to his trainer Michael Blevins who helped him get there (under the guidance of Gym Jones). Watch him talk about it, in our recent two-part interview with him. He'll be back training Henry for Justice League. #FitSupes

UPDATE 7/29: We've added some scans from the issue that are now online (HELLO, SEXY CURL!!). We'll have more when they are released tomorrow!

via HeroicHollywood.com

Alternate cover

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