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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Most Dashing Spy Poses For Men's Fitness Magazine

Sooo. Anyone alive out there?

We thought we had seen the hot cover of Henry in the next issue of Men's Fitness magazine. But we're guessing this is a different version (style issue). We'll figure it out for you, and bring you all the scans when the magazines hit newsstands. In the meantime, check out the preview of Henry in Men's Health magazine as well. We have a feeling there are more covers to come.

Sexy Solo taking over the world.

Go Man from U.N.C.L.E. ;)

UPDATE (8/3): A first look inside..

The scans are in for the original Men's Fitness, and you don't want to miss the interview. Henry talks uncomfortable moments on the set of The Tudors, mentions where he stands on a potential role as Bond, and what he's doing until Justice League starts filming (according to the magazine in early January). Don't miss it!

These are the different shots from the style issue. We'll have them in better quality soon.

via mr.simpson.tumblr.com/@bohemianclassic

UPDATE (8/5): The magazine has shared a behind the scenes pic!


  1. This time he's gone too far! Has any man ever been so gorgeous?

  2. I don't like that cover. He remainds me to James Franco and he looks to have a big head... and the excess of photoshop of course... I know I'm exigent but he's naturally perfect!!


    1. I agree he does look like James Franco on that front cover, yuck! He is perfect no need for photoshop and i wish they would make him smile in photo's! His smile could light up New York City after dark!��

  3. I do not understand how someone can say "wanker"? I am really sorry for the English boys who have to participate in this collective madness "boarding schools". Parents get rid of them out of the house.
    On the other hand, I am glad that Henry Cavill is able to be assertive in this crazy world of celebs. I look forward to the latest premiere...


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