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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Batman & Superman Share 'Shortlist' Magazine Cover

Why so serious boys?

We just found out that Ben and Henry are on the issue of Shortlist magazine that comes out on Thursday. A huge thanks to @hurrayforcavill for giving us the heads up. Henry has been on the cover of the magazine twice before (1/2), and we can't wait to read what he shares this time around.

The best part is that the issue is free, and you can order it online. All you have to pay is the postage.


UPDATE: Part of the shoot for the magazine was posted by the photographer today, along with some details!

UPDATE (2): Interview is in - READ IT NOW.

UPDATE (3/24): Photographer John Russo has shared an outtake..

UPDATE (4/6): New outtakes via @HenryCavillBR WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE REST.


  1. Free even 4 international buyers?? Free postage i mean...

    1. They only charge you the postage. That depends on where you live.


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