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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tao Okamoto On Henry: "He Was Just Naturally Superman"

What are you up to Mercy Graves?


Tao Okamoto who plays Mercy Graves in Batman v Superman, has been talking to the press ahead of the film's release. This week she chatted with The Huffington Post, and had a really sweet story to tell about Henry who she called "a real Superman." (Watch at about 1:40).

"I loved watching him, and being like himself, but in the Superman suit. And there was just (a) small accident like, it was not on camera but something just fell and then he was like helping these prop people with his [man..] (cape) flowing.. floating in the air, and I was like.. he was just like naturally Superman. A really kind man helping people."

Tao has been sharing her excitement for the film on her Instagram account.

A photo posted by TAO🐾Tao Okamoto (@taookamoto) on

We can't wait to see her interaction with Henry on screen, and what Mercy has in store for Supes!

Contributor: DCComicMovie.com

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  1. Tao is gorgeous and I loved what she said about Henry.


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